My name is Kirk Gaw and I am the publisher of "The Walkerton Page."  Launched in 2017 as a community site to share current affairs, history of the Walkerton area, and a reference for stories written by people who care about local Michiana culture.  We are a site for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small biz rockstars, this site is a quickly growing collective of go-getters from all around the world.” 

I am a public affairs professional turned writer who enjoys going out for a good meal with friends, sitting alone to watch my favorite movie stars on screen, or taking the next flight out to get away from the stresses at work or home.  Life is abundant and limitless.  Getting motivated to catch it all upon the way!

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Our Story

During November of 2017 our popular Walkerton Facebook Group grew to the degree that we needed a website to elaborate with the stories and events that were happening.  I knew an active live site would allow us to keep the Walkerton destination searchable on engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Every website has a story, and our visitors want to hear yours. This space is a great opportunity to provide any details about people who have lived on the edge, persons who inspire us and new businesses that we want to share with our followers. We know many have impressed us with their stamps on history.

I work in the advertising business and do marketing, sales, and public relations.  I do installations, work with my Oneone77 Creative team and have met many celebrated people along the way.  I hope to get your story out there if you would like me to?  If you’re a business, lets talk about how we can work together and get your message out.  People - especially kids are inspired after you share your professional journey!  My core value is a commitment to readers that they will be entertained, informed, and feel good about the Walkerton area country lifestyle. 


We are always looking for new writers.  Do not miss the   opportunities at The Walkerton Page. Let's connect.

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