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The Town of Walkerton is so full of stories!  For too long, the community had no forum to keep up with events, people, history, and special places that made an impression on us?  The Walkerton Independent News has been gone for decades!  We are the voices of rural America! This new lifestyle e-magazine exists to reflect the people of Walkerton, small town sentiments, and  our lives. - Photo by Todd Back



1120 Roosevelt Rd.
Walkerton, IN 46574

Let the Memo's friendly staff guide you through their incredible menu.  They offer tradtional breakfasts, along with the best Mexican recipe's too.  You gotta try their All-American lunches and even brought back the Falcon Burger especially, for the local Walkerton culture.  Also, try their salads, fruit, and desserts for your midday visits.  During dinner you have an assortment of choices reflecting hearty midwest appetites.  Choice cuts of steaks, chicken, and seafood. The food here is highly recommended!



Lunch, and Dinner

Ask the friendly servers for daily specials.

Enjoy the Memo's Patio

Summer Fun

Enjoy for lunch and after school.

Check Memo's Out

Vast menu.


Firehouse Tap

Lounge: 12 Noon - 3AM

Enjoy the friends, cocktails, fast service, cozy atmosphere, and bar games!



Re-Thinking Downtown

Vibrant and diverse retail is the lifeblood of a thriving community. It makes a cool neighborhood "cool!" Stores with personality, bars with an edge, and restaurants with style & charm throw off energy and put a unique stamp on a particular area! There are great retail spots all over St. Joseph County in all of its townships. But, we need more clustering. Complementary shops, bars, and restaurants creates a density that spawns foot traffic, destination shopping, home buyers, and renters.  - Photo by Denise Alsobrooks




Located at 280 Liberty St. this is a good location for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The family style friendly atmosphere is charming.  Rustic decor, along with eggs, omellettes, bacon, pancakes, waffles, crepes, coffee, burgers, salads, and steaks.  Let Sunrise start your day !


October 30, 2018

The current Koontz Lake Market owner has been serving groceries to the Walkerton area since 1989.  The Walkerton Dollar General operating in the former Wilcox Supermarket has been serving customers for over 2 decades. On Sunday, October 28th The Walkerton Page conducte...

October 22, 2018

Beginning last Friday we began a poll for our Walkerton Page FB Group to find the favorite dish coming out of town for our culinary delights. Between the many food establishments from the area we were able to pull random items from the menu's of our favorite hometown f...

October 22, 2018

According to one Walkerton Page source, it is official, that someone has bought the new and improved "Red Hot's."  After going up for sale last Spring a new owner is apparently rebranding it.  Only open for a year, the struggling sports bar was not serving food to go w...

October 15, 2018

Saturday's First Beer & Wine Fest at Scarborough Park in Walkerton was a benefit to fund-raise money for Walkerton Parks' Youth Programs. New park superintendent Charly Koopman organized the event with plans to keep it annual. According to a Walkerton Park's rough coun...

October 9, 2018

People like Ken Rohrer, and myself grew up in Walkerton, and barely knew about the farm where the native burial mounds were unearthed in 1922.  Most people today remember the Stuntz-Hochstetler Pine Forest located as a Christmas Tree Farm and Holiday Shoppe!  Ervin Stu...

October 6, 2018

Time to grab your friends, and take the kids out for an adventure to Stanton Rd. near Teegarden.  Get ready for the corn maze, scavenger hunt, pedal cart racing, and a new fire pit!  Opening on Friday, September 18th.  Just 7 miles east from Walkerton and The Pumpkin P...

October 3, 2018

Housing is in demand across the Michiana Area it's a seller's market.  St. Joseph County actually has a housing shortage!  There isn't much available at all in Walkerton?  Listings are minimal.  People are searching all over town and from Plymouth, LaPorte, Mishawaka,...

October 2, 2018

Northern Electric Company has been fixing electric motors for over 65 years serving Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.  They believe in the John Glenn High School Marching Band and have offered to match fundraising donations made available on the new Facebook Fund...

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