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Shopping For Gifts In Walkerton During The Holidays

While competing with large shopping centers in nearby communities our local merchants in Walkerton and Koontz Lake try to keep up with demand from local residents. Some entrepreneurs keep it fresh and current like Randy Kafantaris owner of "Koontz Lake Market" who serves up hot recipes from his deli behind his grocery store. Presently, it is the only grocery store in the community that once had 4!

The "New Kitchen Store" on Liberty St. in Walkerton started in 1987 selling vintage dinnerware, and later expanded to cover all types of cooking and entertainment needs. They have a friendly, helpful staff who are ready and willing to try to answer your questions and take orders for shoppers and event planners. They are a convenient housewares supplier offering special services such as gift wrapping and bridal registry.

"Kabelin's Ace Hardware" on Indiana St. have been the source for shopping in town for decades! They offer home supplies, tools, housewares, recreation equipment, clothing, and toys! It's also, an easy one stop shop in downtown Walkerton! "Dollar General" in both Walkerton and Koontz Lake, plus "Shannon's Attic," and "CVS" are also available! Hopefully, soon, more retailers will find the downtown commercial district a great location to serve the communities needs in the historic Victorian Architecture! It really is a special place to do business and impress visitors! - Photo by Harmony Lynn Inman

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