• by Kirk Gaw

Walkerton Poll Favors Entertainment In Downtown

Recently, we conducted a poll for our Facebook readers after earlier reporting interest in rebuilding the Rialto Theater at 621 Roosevelt Rd.! A coalition is growing to create a foundation to provide entertainment at the burnt- out husk that remains as an empty lot. In 1984 an electrical short caused a fire destroying the popular Theater. No one rebuilt it.

Our findings show that 33 people polled were "for" rebuilding it, while, 5 polled against it. Though most poll participants wrote that they don't want anyone to forget the need for a new grocer to fill the empty Supermarket a block away? Many participants indicated they would like to see that happen before a re-built theater! Other participants felt they will support a coalition to see through the reconstruction, and also want live theater in a rebuilt Rialto.

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