• Kirk Gaw

2017 - Year In Review

We were busy all year long! Employment numbers are good on the Walkerton job scene! Everyone is working and unemployment is low. The industrial sector continues to reflect jobs even now! And so true for the service sector! We saw the arrival of “Oakwood Café” on Liberty St., and the new “Red Hot’s” on Roosevelt! We also said goodbye to “The Falcon Dipper,” “Netter’s Restaurant” and “Jamaican Bake’n Tanning.”

We saw the new and improved “Urey Park” on Illinois & Roosevelt, expansion at Scarborough Park, and heard the announcement about the impending doom for the “Bert Apple Bld.” We held a great Fireworks on the 4th of July, and had a very successful Falloween Festival too!

Recently, our Walkerton FB group conducted a poll regarding the issues most important facing the community! Here’s how it went: The number one issue facing the Town of Walkerton is the lack of adequate shopping. Our participants feel the need for a new grocery store in town is the biggest issue to be concerned with.

The second biggest issue of the year is lack of housing in the Walkerton Area. Our participants felt that there are not enough rental apartments available? Next they polled that another concern is the lack of upkeep on properties in Town. Pride is a worry? And finally, our members felt that there is not enough entertainment in the town. They are seeking outlets for creating new venues. It is a matter of importance that there is enough to do for kids and adults alike.

Mostly, we miss our loved ones who passed. We lost many Walkertonians in 2017. We will cherish their spirits and the memories forever! - Photo by Anita Shipley

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