• by Kirk Gaw

Saving The Planet at JF Cardno

On the southwest side of Walkerton is an environmental engineering and horticulture facility committed to ecological restoration and shoreline stabilization. It is a plant nursery on Sunset Dr. In times of erosion or natural disaster there is a team of experts at JF Cardno who specialize in bioengineering! They also, keep offices at 708 Roosevelt in downtown Walkerton.

Since 1994 Cardno has operated the full-service native plant, and seed nursery on a 130 acre operation on nearly 30 acres. Their wetland plant production provides native seed, plant material, and natural bioengineering solutions for the restoration of native landscape projects across the U.S. They continue to grow in size, and depth while continuing to focus on native plant species.

In the last few years they have added more native species, and genotype-specific plant and seed. Enough to plant a disaster shorn city if needed? JF Cardno is committed to innovating at their Walkerton operation. They have provided critical materials necessary to plant at places like White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis. They maintain, provide, and install landscapes suited to complex native environments.

Recently, an $80 million cleanup to remove contaminated sediment and restore the degraded wetland habitat along the Calumet River was conducted extending along the southern shoreline of Lake Michigan, from its headwaters at the lagoons in Marquette Park in Gary, to the Indiana-Illinois border in Hammond. Cardno restored the native wetland and riparian corridor habitat along a 1.8 mile stretch of the East Branch Grand Calumet River in northwest Indiana. While a key driver for the project is sediment remediation, the project also involved restoring aquatic ecosystems, water quality, and poor substrate conditions through integrative management and restoration techniques.

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