• by Kirk Gaw

Back To Winter Wonderland! A Walkerton White Christmas!

It’s beginning to look like a Winter Wonderland! Last Thursday the first 2 inches of snow fell on the Southwestern St. Joseph County area to begin the holiday season! People found themselves sliding in their cars, driving extra cautious, and having to sweep the powdery white stuff off their windows, and hoods! Then there is the snow-plowing! How many people depended on a shovel or snow-blower to get out of their driveway and sidewalks?

Anyhow, it is just a reminder of the lifestyle changes that snow affords. Throwing snowballs, making “Snow Angels,” and getting the tread ready on the snow mobiles! If you listened to your CB channels you may have heard area law enforcement agencies and first responders busy responding to crashes and slide-offs? Lucky for us plenty of weather forecasters are able to keep us on our toes and predict the stuff to an accurate degree? They predict that Tuesday another storm will come through the area to fortify a white Christmas? We could get another 7 to 10 inches by the end?

Good thing those who got their holiday decorations up when they did! They can just sit back and relax to the evening glow of lights amplified by the snowflakes!

At Urey Park on Roosevelt & Illinois St. the community gathered for the annual holiday tree lighting ceremony! Santa greeted families with hopes for a safe and plentiful season!

Brody Shipley, playing in the snow during the weekend snowstorm. - Photo Credits: Jason Dipert, Kathy Rohrer Frazier, Carolynn Bacewic, and Anita Shipley

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