• Kirk Gaw

Walkerton Winter 2018 Will Have More Snow

Remembering snowstorms and blizzards from years before! In most recent memory 2008, and 2011 produced a lot of snowfall they were both La Nina years! La Nina, is the cooling of the equatorial waters below the long-term normal, and tends to lead to colder, wetter conditions in this area, according to Nathan Marsili, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service northern Indiana office. The long range forecasts from the almanacs show a means for lots of precipitation this year too! Last year of course for the 2016-17 winter, St. Joseph County measured 42.2 inches of snow — more than two feet below normal. So depending on the amount of cold air that dips out of Canada, that can lead to above normal snowfall for the Walkerton Area.

Probably the coldest Walkerton winter was in 1863. As a 1918 Walkerton Independent News interview revealed: “Storm Notes: One old resident was heard to remark that he remembered one other storm that came up to this. It was ‘that cold New Year’s in 1863’, which the older people often allude to, when the mercury dropped down to 28 below zero with a biting, tearing blast never to be forgotten.” A photo taken by the Newspaper from a January interview involved a blizzard that showed 4 feet of snow on old Ave "F" (Now Roosevelt Rd.)

This year during the holidays of 2017 / 2018 will be remembered for white out conditions and car pile ups that put many vehicles in danger. It will definitely be a wild winter this year! Hopefully, not as wild as the Blizzard of 1978? We all remember towing sleds to Wilcox, or Ray's Supermarket for emergency food supplies! Most roads took over a week to get plowed that year making them impassible by automobile. - Photo by Zachary Heck

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