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"Red Hot's" Is A Great Place To Mix

When I was a kid growing up in Walkerton one place that caught my eye always had a parking lot full of fancy cars directly across the street from the old foundry, "Charles Hiler & Sons." It was originally called “Below The Hill?” I think? Then in the 1970's they became “Walt & Susie’s.“ It always had a good reputation. Until, June of 1977.

Two War Vets got into a fight at the bar over a woman. It led to a gun shootout through the front door and onto the parking lot. Ben Williams was a 2 tour, "Silver Star" recipient who was murdered by Lou Eberly a Korean War Veteran. Ben never fired a shot, and Lou shot Ben 13 times with a Browning High Power Gun. Lou laid the weapon on the hood of a car, and waited for first responder Indiana State Police, Master Trooper, Ronald Albright to arrive at the scene. He took Lou into custody for the crime. Eberly was convicted, and released after approximately two and a half years on a technicality, and soon after, died of cancer.

"Red Hots" was called "The Bloody Bucket" long before the shootout. It was well known that if you were looking for trouble that it was the place to go! There were a lot of rough necks who liked to bar-fight there. From that time on the establishment got a reputation, hence the name. It changed hands several times over the decades, and most recently it became “Red Hots!”

3 years ago the sports bar caught on fire and was shown all over in the media because of its name! The sign with flames along US Highway 6 became a novel opportunity for photography. “Red Hots” was not to go away however. The owners knew that they had a big opportunity and went forward immediately to serve the Walkerton community by rebuilding.

Not only did they increase square footage, but offered more space for activities for their patrons. They have pool tables, a basketball game, darts, and a couple of arcade style games. A favorite activity for bar patrons is the beer pong table! They have a jukebox which really is special too!

Fridays, and Saturdays always have a good crowd. They have a mix of ages, and hold great events to insure a good turnout. Events like the “Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest,” and the "Halloween Party" are always popular according to bar manager, Amanda. A stage on one wall is there for live entertainment.

They have drink specials everyday. Monday’s you'll find $1.00 cans of beer. Tuesday they have mid shelf shots for $2.00! Wednesday is $1.00 drafts. Thursday is $2.00 well drinks. Friday, and Saturdays it is $2.00 for ANY bottle of beer. Which is by far their most popular special. They offer about 30 beers from basic domestics, Three Floyd’s, imports, and bells. So, $2.00 a bottle is a really good deal. And what a deal it is with a sense of "Walkerton Noir" history!

- Photo by Harmony Lynn Inman

(Special Thanks To Lore - Dirk Adams)

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