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Leader Karol Jackson Re-elected Walkerton Town Board President

On Monday night the Walkerton Town Board unanimously re-elected Karol Jackson as Town Board President! She is credited for leading the town for the construction of a new Town Hall, Court, and Police Station under one Municipal Center roof. She saw it through along with the redevelopment of West York into Dogwood Estates. She is also involved in trying to rejuvenate the downtown Walkerton commercial district along Roosevelt Rd. Probably, her biggest challenge thus far?

Karol Jackson

Recently, an anonymous resident from the First Ward became upset and wrote on our "Walkerton Page FB Group" that because he did not vote for Karol Jackson to represent them since she moved from her elected Ward 4 to Ward 1? And that her position was not legal?

The fake person using the Facebook name of Jordan Knight, further investigated that Jackson's move was not recent, and that she moved prior to her re-election in 2015. He is upset because State Law requires that an elected official reside in the ward they are elected to represent, and should they move from their elected ward, they should resign immediately?

However, the Walkerton Town Board has finalized their vote as of January 8th to continue Karol Jackson for a new term as Town Board President.

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