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Walkerton Spotlight On Pat Godwin

Being an entertainer comes naturally for some people. For others they have stepped in the spotlight by accident or by fortune? Meet Walkerton's own Pat Godwin! He is a singer, comedian, Dad, writer, traveler, and songwriter. He has appeared before wide audiences on NBC's "The Last Comic Standing," "The Howard Stern Show," and "The Bob & Tom Show" for instance! He has traveled all over the country with his act entertaining the troupes in the nightclub circuit. He has brought his improvisational talents to every major radio show in the Nation!

Pat Godwin, recently, at a John Glenn High School event in Walkerton.

The first time he got national airplay was with the holiday classic he "crafted" with his brothers' James, and Jack called "Lets Put Christ Back In Christmas" from the album "Reindeer Games." Pat Godwin got his first big break at WWMR's "Morning Zoo" in Philadelphia. He did "silly songs, and characters" when it was the #1 morning show in the Nation at the time! He said, "it was a tremendous experience writing on-the-fly, and coming up with new stuff on a daily basis."

By 1999 he was working at "Cracker's Comedy Club" in Indianapolis. The "Bob & Tom" folks radio show from WFBQ also, in Indianapolis recognized him for their syndicated radio program and put him on their show! He continues to be a frequent guest ever since he appeared on 6 of their "Best of Bob & Tom" cd's. He currently writes for the show, and appears live every couple of weeks. Pat continues to be a big fan. He and Tom Griswold are good friends, Pat is his son Willie's Godfather.

Pat Godwin performing on the air at "The Bob & Tom Show." - Photo courtesy of WFBQ Indianapolis

Pat's talents continue to flourish. He is a stand-up comedian, songwriter, and comedy writer. This season he will be appearing on NBC's "America's Got Talent," he is also finishing up his memoir "Journey To The Center Of Attention," to be released later this year!

Pat who is a father of 2 kids says he is challenged since he "tries desperately to stay sane in a crazy business." He travels a great deal from his home in Lima, Ohio and doesn't sleep enough. He comes from a busy, devoted Walkerton family, so, it is no wonder he accepts tremendous strains in his line of work?

He was born in South Bend. That's where his Mom & Dad met while his Dad was studying at Notre Dame and Purdue. They moved out east when Pat was 4 so his Dad could teach in his hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania! But, the family continued to travel back-and-forth to Walkerton anyway, so they could visit his Grandma, Thelma Kost. She always made an impression on Pat who identified with her as the funny one. She is his favorite when calling on memories of Walkerton. She was "fun, wonderfully flawed, and quite a character!" She had insight, and was always clever!

When Pat was 16 he moved to Walkerton with his Mom from Pennsylvania after his parents divorced. That's been home base ever since! He attended John Glenn High School with his siblings.

At one point he got a job at the "Hiler Foundry" for a year and said, "Thank God showbiz came along and doors opened for me, because I couldn't have survived much longer doing that kind of work. My hat's off to those that do!"

As for his busy Mom, Kacky, who is well known in Walkerton government, I asked him if he had any problem being in her shadow when he is in town? He replied, "I'm very proud of my Mother, and have no problem being in her Walkerton shadow."

Growing up, Pat was mostly inspired by "The Beatles!" He said he needs not explain that their "great music, and charming presentation make them funny dude's!" It is no coincidence that "Sir Paul McCartney" does a forward on Pat's album "Excess In Moderation." Pat wrote the song reflecting on his Mom yelling at him to turn the music down at his childhood family home in Walkerton. You can listen to it on "Sound Cloud": "John, Paul, George, Ringo, And Me" when you check out Pat's website:

Pat's favorite memory of Walkerton was when he walked to his Mom's office dressed like a terrorist! He had a full beard, long robe, and a stick! Reports claim he scared the living heck out of everybody there! He just lurked outside her window dressed like that until the Walkerton cops investigated! (Hee, hee, hee!)

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