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Chad Tetzlaff The Hollywood Master Of Walkerton

Like me, some of you may have visited "You Tube" and came across the fascinating videos that say CSE "Crooked Smiles Entertainment?" It is Walkerton's own movie studio! And they are serious about their crafts! Meet Chad Tetzlaff: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Movie Editor, Writer, Make-up Artist, Actor, and Mentor. He is the owner of CSE Studios located at Koontz Lake and is Walkerton's connection to Hollywood! They are an independent, low budget film house ranging in works from the horror genre, drama, and comedy. Don't be scared though? Chad might put his actors in special effects make-up, but is a funny guy too? He is out there gathering talent, and hosting it. Some of his movies have actors you may have seen like Craig Lemons from NBC's "Empire," and "Chicago Med." Or Danielle Boer from the film "Gambling With Life," or Paisley Blackburn from 2013's "The Throbbit."

Chad Tetzlaff

Chad Tetzlaff tries to maintain a positive energy with his crews. He said "when everybody is together and has fun, and helps each other I believe you gotta have fun. If you don't there is no point of doing it? We all become really close like a family, and my company doesn't discriminate with anything from age, weight, height, etc." He specializes in practical, low budget productions and uses digital equipment to highlight his available technology. He can edit, and cut a shoot in an instant, on location, or at his Koontz Lake facility.

He is always recruiting too! CSE Studio is looking for hungry, goal-oriented individuals. People who are motivated to appear on stage or location to appear before the cameras! He hopes that he can help provide experience for those serious about a career in front or behind the camera? "CSE is always looking for new faces and talent that want to start a career in Acting, Modeling, Photography,Special Effects, or Make-up." They can get in touch with him at his website so be sure to check it out:

CSE crew working on location recently at a JGHS set putting on make-up.

CSE Studios has a gallery of titles you can watch right on their webpage! Look for the thriller "What Would You Rather Do?" starring Paisley Blackburn, and Craig Lemons! Or watch "Chemicals Surface - The Ugly Duckling 2" filmed at recognizable locations along the railroad tracks and trestles of Walkerton! You may enjoy the crafty techniques, and special effects that make "low budget" the memorable films they are! Especially, when you watch late at night! All in all the characters will rock your World!

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