• by Kirk Gaw

The Busiest Person In Walkerton

When I first came up with the idea for this story it was meant to inspire others who are interested in government. I also, wanted to provide an insight of happenings at the Walkerton Town Hall! Most people barely know who is Town Council President? (Karol Jackson ) Let alone the other Town Council representatives? (Gene Reese-Vice President, Kackie Chrapliwy-Council Member, Roberta Kickbush-Council Member, Jeffrey Fansler-Council Member)

WPD Officer Richie Ayala being sworn in by Terri Buckmaster.

The Town of Walkerton Clerk –Treasurer Office is probably the busiest operation at the Walkerton Town Hall. So many Administrative duties! The most obvious being that she prepares minutes and agenda items for the Walkerton Town Board. She is the Secretary to the Walkerton Board of Metropolitan Police Commissioners and keeps their minutes. She advertises notices of meetings, bids and other legal notices, she posts public hearings, job openings, and the annual Town Financial report. Meet Terri Buckmaster, your Town of Walkerton Clerk-Treasurer.

Her role in the Town of Walkerton government continues to be a challenge of many responsibilities and is an essential function for the community. The position requires that she administer all Town of Walkerton Funds, prepare the budget with tax rate fund distribution. She prepares the Annual Report for the Town and must be available for all Federal and State Audits. She is in charge of personnel and the Town of Walkerton payroll. She even must purchase, maintain, and operate computers, accounting software. Even handheld meters used by various departments! She must be in charge of inventories of Town equipment.

Terri Buckmaster oversees many employees at the Town Hall. She is a very visible, and leads much of the day to day activities there. It is a very busy operation from grant management to ambulance services! She even must attend State Board of Accounts meetings annually, including conferences for topic related issues.

At home Terri is a busy Grandma too! She not only spends quality time with her husband Phil, but manages to make time for her grandkids! She stays active in local Walkerton events.

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