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Walkerton Medical Clinic Continues Family Practice Tradition

Many people ask, "does Walkerton have a medical center?" The answer is yes! Since 1961, the unique, modern facility located at 506 Michigan St. has been a visible symbol of medical excellence! The Walkerton Medical Clinic begun with the practices of Dr. Bryce Rohrer, and Dr. Carter was built to offer convenience, and modernity! It was the era when doctors would respond to urgent health matters by making house calls when necessary!

The Walkerton Medical Clinic at 506 Michigan St. continues to provide family practice healthcare through LaPorte Hospital.

Previous physicians in the town were Dr. Wolff who held his practice in his mansion on Illinois St., next door to the Dave & Ray’s Supermarket (now demolished). Dr. Linton practiced in the white stucco building next door to the bowling alley. And, then there was Dr. Hershberger who kept his office in the old Walkerton State Bank Building at Roosevelt & Illinois. He also, had a large following and made house calls into the 1980’s until he retired! The old swiss chalet façade added in 1979 is still on that building now used as a town food pantry.

Dr. Hershberger's old practice on Illinois St. at the old Walkerton State Bank Building.- Photo by Denise Alsobrooks

Today, the Walkerton Medical Clinic remains the practice of Dr. David Hough DO, and Dr. Byron M. Holm MD. Both are involved in the Lifeplex Health Network out of LaPorte Hospital. They keep the practice by appointments and are open most days of the week. Many people may confuse the clinic as an urgent care facility? Once, it was available like that for matters like stitches, tetanus shots, and flu, or colds. These days emergencies will (as always) require a visit to the hospital emergency room. And call an ambulance!

Mahlon Jacob, and Dr. Carter during a Walkerton event hosted by the Dr. Bryce Carter family. - Photo by Ken Rohrer

Dr. Bryce Rohrer enjoying retirement with family.

Dr. Rohrer who spearheaded the new clinic back in 1961 kept his previous practice with Dr. Carter at the old Dr. Linton Office on Roosevelt until the new clinic was completed where it is today. By 1967 Dr. Fenstermacher joined the practice in Walkerton and carried on there into the 1980’s. He also was affiliated with LaPorte Hospital. Dr. Rohrer has since retired and moved to Florida.

Recently, it was announced that the new owners of LaPorte Hospital (founded originally, by the Mayo brothers as the Interlochen Institute before they moved to Minnesota) (a combination of Holy Family Hospital, and Fairview Hospital) will build a brand new 6 floor facility next door to the 1972 building which will remain open until the new one is finished. The older building along with the 1983 addition will be demolished once the doors to the new one opens.

Indiana University Health is the provider at LaPorte Hospital owned by Community Health Systems Inc. They also own the 50 bed IU Health Starke Hospital in Knox, and the Porter Regional Hospital in nearby Valparaiso.

Walkerton Medical Clinic – Lifeplex Health Inc:

506 Michigan St, Walkerton, IN 46574

Phone: (574) 936-7777

(574) 586-3114

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