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Romancing The Wild West At Saylor’s End Of The Trail

Many of our readers have heard that a rodeo is nearby for the Walkerton community? It is pure sport, and entertainment! The best part is being close to the animals that are involved! For Laura ,and Eurrat Saylor their horses are a part of the family. They take pride in every way! It is a special place for their children too! Riding and training horses is in their blood. Have you ever thought of arranging an appointment to ride on a one horse open sleigh? It can really provide therapeutic energy for yourself, and loved ones!

"Saylors End Of The Trail" is just the place to go while your neighbors are watching the Superbowl? Or for a romantic adventure with your partner? The Saylor's are sure to please your party! They offer rides all yearlong! Whether, in a sleigh, a wagon, bobsled, or in a fancy carriage! Connecting with the horses is sure to make an impression. And fulfill your dreams.

The Saylor's were raised equestrians since they were babies! Eurrat followed in his father’s footsteps, “I do not remember the first time I ever sat in the saddle. I know it was, as it has been with my children, on the lap of my father as soon as I could sit up. Once balance was mastered I was bouncing on, Rocky, my first pony at the end of a lead line, besided a father's long legged mare. I do remember getting into trouble, the day I brought Rocky into the house and he ate all the fudge my mother was making. As a three year old, it seemed only right to take my friend to my room to play.”

Equine can break in children right from the start! Or does it go the other way around? Sattling, and bridling is a basic beginning. And keeping close to the stable can inspire the balance of interaction between humans, and horses! As for Eurrat Saylor he connected through his parents. “My folks were members of a saddle club, and I have many memorys of parades, horse shows, and camping at state parks. Upon reaching the proper age, I was enrolled in 4-H and though the years earned the right to ride at the state fair. Starke County Horse and Pony formed a judging team and in 1978 competed at Area 10 and went on to win the state title. The team did not win but did well at the National Quarter Horse Congress. I was a member of that team.”

Riding a quarter horse at Saylor's Arena located near Koontz Lake at 4600 N. 1100 East.

Eurrat shares a passion for the Quarter Horse which is the World's most popular horse! It is an American breed of horse that excels at sprinting short distances. Its name came from its ability to outdistance other horse breeds in races of a quarter mile or less; some have been clocked at speeds up to 55 mph (88.5 km/h). You can see them perform at Saylor’s Arena located at 4600 N 1100 E. near Grovertown. They have horse shows at the stadium. It is a good opportunity to watch a working ranch horse.

The compact body of the American Quarter Horse is well-suited to the intricate and speedy maneuvers required in reining, and cutting. Look for the working cow horse, barrel racing, calf roping, and other western riding events, there! Especially, those involving live cattle. The American Quarter Horse is also shown in English disciplines, driving, and many other equestrian activities like pulling a sled. Saylor's Arena hosts many equine events, mainly gymkanas, horse shows, ropings, and rodeos. It is less than a mile from the End Of The Trail Riding Stables.

Remember you can take a fun relaxing ride on an open track and wooded trails. The Saylor's accept small, informal groups. They provide very gentle horses for the most inexperienced riders, and always, an experienced horseman rides with the group to help insure safety. This is done by appointment only. Do you want to arrange a Pony Party? Make memories happen when you invite a pony for a child's party? They will go to your location!

For an hour the children will be led while taking turns riding the pony. Another option is they offer the "End Of The Trail" grounds to host your party? A wide open field to run in, a fanasty fort with swings, monkey bars, and a slide to play on. You can play basketball, volleyball, take a nature hike in the woods, a pony ride, or a horse-drawn wagon ride? They provide picnic tables under a tent, and can start a campfire for your group to roast hot dogs, or marshmellows?

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