• by Kirk Gaw

Koontz Lake Market Providing Groceries For The Walkerton Area Over 60 Years

Randy Kafantaris keeps his customers happy. Not only because he "owns" Koontz Lake Market? But, because he is a local personality in the Walkerton Area! Koontz Lake Market has been located at 7893 N. Highway 23 since the 1950's when it began as Dave & Ray's. Randy has owned it for 16 years. Of that time he reflects on how he started out there as a kid when he was 16! Some people don't know that Randy is an entertainer on stage too, besides behind the meat counter? He also performs for the Rock Group "Justus" where he leads vocals and plays guitar.

Randy has so many talents! He also, cooks and prepares food for the Deli. He has plenty of recipes to offer his customers as an cook on the barbecue grill and as an expert preparer behind the deli! Customers boast about how good his Mushroom Burger is, or his barbecued ribs! Then there is the fried fish and shrimp platter! And the Polish Sausage! You can always expect something new when you sit down inside have satisfy your hunger!

He lives nearby on Koontz Lake besides keeping the only grocery store in the area! You can always depend on him for the latest lake conditions or fishing statistics? Now and then he is on a fishing boat or in an ice house. The market itself provides everything from dry goods to party supplies! Plus the meat department and deli.

Then there are the snacks, and dairy department too! Friendly cashiers, and smiling faces echoed with laughter! This is the kind of place you expect when you think of small towns? It is straight out of a 1960's TV show! Think Gidget, That Girl, or The Brady Bunch?

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