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Repairing Your Walkerton Abode For Spring

Many Walkerton residents fit into the low income category when it comes to affording to keep up with their old homes. Some residents are older or are single Mom's and just cannot attend the requirements of maintaining a functioning solid home? There exists many programs sponsored by the State of Indiana to help those in need of assistance for home repairs!

Besides charity organizations who may find low income Walkerton residents there is the State of Indiana Housing And Community Development Authority. Their work is done in partnership with developers, lenders, investors, and nonprofit organizations that use financing to serve low- and moderate-income residents. They leverage government and private funds to invest in financially sound, well-designed projects that will benefit the Town.

Unkept Walkerton home. - Photo by Harold Palmquist

Walkerton property owners can depend on the State of Indiana for help in fixing their low income homes. You can repair it at IHCDA! They believe that growing Indiana's economy starts at home. Everyone can agree that all Hoosiers should have the opportunity to live in safe, affordable, good-quality housing in economically stable communities. One of their goals is to assist Hoosiers in generating and preserving assets.

The home that you own is an asset that is not only vital to yourself, but, also the community in which you reside. As assets age and depreciate, we are sometimes not able to generate the resources necessary to maintain our homes, keep them viable for the long-term, and ensure that Indiana communities can keep their residents in place. IHCDA provides opportunities for qualifying Indiana homeowners to receive assistance in order to make much needed repairs to their homes. You can contact the State of Indiana Housing And Community Development Authority online at

According to the Indiana Finance Authority home repair grants usually have to do with improving homes and neighborhoods for people less fortunate, or helping those with qualifying incomes to maintain their homes. In older communities, Indiana home repair grants may be offered to help restore, rebuild or rehabilitate aging structures and other home sites. Grants in Indiana might focus more on increasing neighborhood connections as well.

A grant that is given to you for home repair is not considered to fall into categories such as benefits or entitlements. They are purely an award of financial assistance from a federal agency. Grants for home repair are issued to a recipient in support of a public charter or stimulation of some kind as authorized by federal law. In that regard, you can’t think of a home repair grant as ordinary federal assistance or individual loans.

Another program from the State is the "Indiana Weatherization Assistance Program" it provides residential energy conservation services to the low income citizens of Indiana. Funding comes from Federal sources and is allocated to Community Action Agencies (CAA) to provide services in each of Indiana's 92 counties. The CAAs use their own crews or private contractors to provide comprehensive energy conservation services. A thorough evaluation of the structure, including the safe and efficient operation of the furnace and water heater, is included in the treatment of each home.

General Program Requirements

In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a resident of the state of Indiana. In order to qualify, you must have an annual household income (before taxes) that is below the following amounts:

Household Size | *Maximum Income Level (Per Year)

1 person $17,820

2. " $24,030

3. $30,240

4. $36,450

5. $42,660

6. $48,870

7. $55,095

8. " $61,335

Contact them at:

The following information will lead you to the next steps to apply for this program:

1. Applications are administered through Community Action Agencies. Click on the link below to find the agency in your county: 2. You may also call the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority at 317-232-7777.

Additional information about Indiana's WAP can be found at:

Then, there are financial assistance programs or other resources that can help seniors with home improvement projects! If you would like to help the aged there are actually a number of programs available that can help seniors with home repairs and improvement projects for "aging-in-place," but what’s available will depend on their financial situation?

Here are some different options to explore:

Medicaid Waivers - If your dad is low-income and eligible for Medicaid, most states have Medicaid Home and Community Based Services waivers that provide financial assistance to help seniors avoid nursing homes and remain living at home. Many of the waivers pay for home modifications to increase a person’s ability to live independently.

The Medicaid Office has waivers with different eligibility requirements and benefits. Contact your Medicaid office for more information at the St. Joseph County South Division of Family Resources Offices:

100 W South St, South Bend, IN 46601

(800) 403-0864

St. Joseph County South St. Division of Family Resources

Some states and local governments have financial assistance programs, often called “nursing home diversion programs,” or “deferred payment loans” that are not funded by Medicaid. These programs, which may include grants or loans or a combination, helps pay for modifications that enable low to moderate income elderly and disabled to remain living at home. Modifications covered typically include accessibility improvements like wheelchair ramps, handrails and grab bars. And some may be used for home improvements like roofing, heating and cooling, insulation, weather-stripping and storm windows.

Bathrooms are the most dangerous room in a house for senior citizens.

To find out if there’s a program Area Aging Agency (call 800-677-1116 for contact information) or the state housing finance agency.

Federal programs:

The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers HUD Home Improvement Loans, which are HUD insured loans made by private lenders for home improvement and building projects.

Contact a HUD approved counseling agency in your area (call 800-569-4287) to learn more.

And the U.S. Department of Agriculture has a Rural Development program that provides grants and loans to low-income, elderly or disabled, rural homeowners for home repairs and improvements. Your local USDA service center can give you more for information in South Bend at:

4318 Technology Dr, South Bend, IN 46628

Phone: (574) 287-5407

Veteran benefits: If your Mom or Dad is a veteran with a disability, the VA provides grants like the SAH, SHA and HISA grants that will pay for home modifications. - for details and eligibility requirements.

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