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Walkerton Area Flood 2018 Waiting For Waters To Recede

US 6 Flood 2018 - Photo by Collin Snyder of Bremen

The devastation is all over the countryside as fields lay unable to absorb the overflowed streams and high water table. Roads remain impassible. As the water recedes residents need to protect themselves from hazardous water. Be sure to drink bottled water! If flood waters have reached a drinking well, residents of the property should immediately stop using the well and temporarily rely on bottled water for cooking, drinking and bathing according to the Environmental Health Director at the St. Joseph County Health Department. You risk illness if you come in contact with hazardous water?

Walkerton Flood 2018 near B&O Tracks - Photo by Kristine Anderson

Walkerton Flood 2018 - Photo by Kristine Anderson

Also, be aware that standing flood water may contain electrical currents from downed power lines and appliances?

If boxed food items come in contact with flood water be sure to throw it out. Do not risk becoming ill from contamination. Allergies and asthma may worsen as a result of tempurature changes and mold.

Pine Creek over its banks at SR 23 Bridge north of Walkerton - Photo by Kristine Anderson

Many roads in the Walkerton area continue to be closed due to flooding. Here is the list:

Tyler Road from Tamarack Road to Redwood Road

Riley Road from West County Line to Walnut

Redwood Road from Shively Road to Riley

Pierce Road from West County Line to SR 4

Quinn Road from Tamarack to Redwood

Tyler Road from Kenilworth Road to Juniper Road

Riley Road from Mulberry Road to State Road 931

Rush Road from SR 2 to Harrison Road

Kern Road from Ironwood Road (Hawthorne Road) to SR 331

Redwood Road from Shively Road to Riley

Beech Road from Osborne Road to New Rd.

Douglas Road from Buckeye Road to Beech

Early Road from Wintergreen Road to Walnut

Elm Road from Tyler to Kern Rd.

Fillmore Road from Snowberry Road to Tulip Rd.

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