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Persuading "Dollar General" To Implement Produce, Meat And Dairy

Beginning this Summer the "Dollar General" located on Michigan St. in Downtown Walkerton will begin a remodeling project to improve the store. But, many Walkerton residents feel the headquarters needs to hear their voices in an effort to provide a Meat, Fruit, Vegetable, and Dairy section in the Walkerton Store. The last Supermarket in Walkerton closed in 2008! Residents are forced to travel to nearby Koontz Lake 3 miles away to shop at Koontz Lake Market owned by Randy Kafantaris.

An attempt to notify the Dollar General corporate offices via letters, and emails about Walkerton's needs have been sent to their corporate website since early 2017. Town of Walkerton Economic Development Director Phillip Buckmaster has been working diligently to persuade the Indiana Corporate Headquarters of Dollar General to include a produce, meat, and dairy section with their management. They really are going back and forth with concerns about the population of the town, but, are they aware that the Walkerton community encompasses a vast area that includes over 15,000 residents beyond the town corporate border?

The most recent comment from Phillip Buckmaster was that he is hopeful, and that he feels Dollar General will consider public input for the remodel? Kathy Rohrer Frazier recently started a Facebook post to reach out to the Walkerton community in an effort to get people involved with the Dollar General website comment section. She provided a photo of a form letter so that citizens of Walkerton have a sample to write the company. If you are also interested in writing the company to remodel the store with a produce, dairy, and meat section please go to:

According to an article from "Cooking Light Magazine," in a year where many retailers faced fierce competition from disrupters like Amazon, one of the few stores reporting significant growth is Dollar General. That may be why they decided to put more emphasis on fresh foods. "Dollar General has announced that it will remodel an additional 400 stores to offer fresh produce and perishable items to thrifty shoppers by the end of 2018.

On a company earnings call, Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos acknowledged that the chain's move to sell fresh veggies and fruit has drawn new customers—and the initial market test of perishables in nearly 50 stores last year was extremely promising for the brand. Dollar General will remodel more than 1,000 of its stores this year, Supermarket News reports, and 450 of their stores nationwide will provide consumers with the chance to cash in on cheap essentials.

What can you expect from these new stores? Dollar General is adding new coolers into their grocery aisles to offer everything you could find at a traditional grocery store, like bagged lettuce, vegetables, and freshly picked herbs. And their fruit section is impressive, with finds such as .95 cent avocados.

Even if your local Dollar General isn't one of the 450 selling produce, the effort to remodel stores will include a sweeping update to the chain's infamously unhealthy snack aisle, where customers have to be on their toes to find sound, healthy options. Vasos shared that Dollar General is seeking out lower-sodium items and snacks with higher protein counts.

10 Surprisingly Healthy Foods You Can Buy at Dollar General. In addition to updating their fleet of 14,000 stores nationwide, Dollar General is also exploring other expansions into the grocery landscape, including a brand new concept for a deli-like market called DGX. At a time where other retailers are focusing on expanding digital commerce, or tightening their business models, Dollar General has not only experienced growth—its found a way to remain relevant to modern shoppers by offering fresh groceries at extremely low prices." - "Cooking Light" - Published Sept. 1, 2017

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