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Essential Walkerton Area Bars And Nightlife

So, you are visiting the Walkerton Community or are new in town? Where do you go to have a drink, celebrate, and to meet local people? Here we have a gathering of area spots for obsessives who want to know what's new, what's hot, and which favorite entrepreneur just launched a sophomore effort. And while this is a crucial resource covering old standbys of establisments across town we may need your input for future visitors on our comment section?

1. "Firehouse Tap" where you are not a stranger for long. The bartenders are super friendly and the atmosphere is great. Cheap drinks, beautiful people, and good conversation! Be sure to come for Karaoke Night on Sundays.

Firehouse Tap photo by Harmony Lynn Inman. Located at 622 Roosevelt Rd. in downtown Walkerton.

2. "Country Roads Bar & Grill" is a great place at Koontz Lake to sit at the bar, have drinks, conversation, and eat pizza. It is a full service restaurant on Highway 23. They have live entertainment! And a billiards room to play pool or throw darts. Come party with us and the DJ! They are open at 6 am for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the bar is open 'til 2 am.

Country Roads Bar & Grill on Highway 23 in Koontz Lake.

3. "Club 23" is not only a pub, a pizza place, and a bar? It is a great spot to see local entertainment perform live! They are well known throughout the area for their deep dish pizza's! Be sure to join the crowd for a game of pool in their billiards hall or enjoy a cocktail at the bar!

Killin' Drama performing on stage at Club 23 on Indiana St. in downtown Walkerton. Photo by Chandera Moore.

4. The "Koontz Lake Brewing Company" label is visible all over Northern Indiana! Their microbrews are the catch of the community! Why not enjoy a pulled pork sandwich, fish & chips, sweet potato fries, or beer battered potato ears with a growler? An IPA of your choice, stout, or a winter ale? They also have live entertainment. The best part is the summertime on the patio.

Koontz Lake Brewing Company is located at 7747 Highway 23 in the business district of Koontz Lake.

5. A new bar has just opened on Highway 104 in Stillwell called "The Garage." It is located where "The Last Roundup" once operated for decades! There you will find a full service bar, karaoke, bar games, and live performances. Stillwell itself is worth the drive on the eerie 104 Highway! The new owner, Jeremy Young is very excited! He recently completed renovating the entire "Last Roundup" complex right along the Stillwell tracks. Be sure to find them on their new Facebook page.

The new Garage Bar is located at 3554 Highway 104 in Stillwell.

6. "Putters Bar & Grille" at Swan Lake Resort is located next to the fabulous grounds of the Golf Course hotel. The sports bar is luxuriously appointed, designer built and looks over the countryside fairways. It is a great casual place to hang out between or after rounds. The clever menu and spunky staff, create an open and fun atmosphere for enjoying a break during the golf season. Adorned with the essential beer taps, pub style menu, Billiard's Table and large HDTVs, you will find the current must-see game or match ready for you to watch with other eager sports enthusiasts.

Putters Bar & Grille is located at Swan Lake Resort at 5203 Plymouth-LaPorte Trail.

7. "Red Hots Sports Bar" is not just another honky tonk tavern. The newly rebuilt tavern has a long history. Located across the street from the old Hiler Foundry on Roosevelt Rd. in Walkerton. You will find friendly bartenders, pool hustlers, darts, video games and cocktails too! Be sure to take up karaoke night, the billiards team, and dance all night with the DJ!

Red Hots Sports Bar is located at 1004 Roosevelt Rd. and opens at 12 noon 'til midnight.

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