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Farmers Market Every Thursday Beginning May 10th

It's always a sign of Spring when the Farmers Market starts at "The New Kitchen Store," located at 330 Liberty St. on Highway 23 N.! A tradition begun in downtown Walkerton, 10 years ago at Urey Park. It has since, become a popular venue at the "New Kitchen Store" parking lot north of downtown.

New Kitchen Store "Farmers Market" vendor, Mike Chabot, is an organic farmer out of walkerton, showing off his table of wonderful produce.

The Farmers Market will begin this year with sprouts and plants. Waiting for harvests to begin early Summer.

Expect plants, and sprouts to begin the season.

Store Manager, Phyllis, says "It has always been a challenge to get farmers and people together. We have had lots of farmers and no shoppers and then lots of shoppers, and no people selling." Last year was notably a big success, more so than ever! She goes on, "This year we are going to try something new as well. The market is on Thursday 4pm-7pm and, will just be live plants for now." That is because it is too early for farmers to harvest vegetables! They want vendors to start off selling sprouts and plants!

Farmers Market at the "New Kitchen Store" is Thursdays, 4pm to 7pm.

Phyllis said, "I will be writing more about the new idea as soon as I talk to our local farmers but, there is online ordering, and pickup on day of the market." She said, "vendors just show up, there is no charge! They need to be there by 4pm. They can only bring items that they grow or make. They can sell out the back of their vehicle, and bring their own table. Also, Be sure to try the new 'Michiana Market Wagon" food delivery service available from the "New Kitchen Store!" It is a FREE DELIVERY option! Just go to:

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