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Walkerton Hi-Tech Spotlight: Hiler Industries

Since, 1946 when Charles O. Hiler began casting metal for machine parts on Roosevelt Rd., the precision process of shell molding metal has grown into 2 divisions now located at their Fulmer St. facilities on the north side of Walkerton. Originally, from Winona, Minnesota, the Hilers found their way to Walkerton because of its strategic location with industry. They also have a foundry in LaPorte where they cast ferrous shell molded castings.

Their mission is to produce quality ferrous shell molded castings for diverse customers throughout the world. They use metal types of gray, ductile and high-alloy irons and cast exclusively in the shell molding process. Their castings consistently meet the exacting requirements for their customers who include "John Deer," and "Caterpillar."

Hiler has been innovating too! Ed Hiler, founder, and president of the P&H Machine Company from 1961 - 2017 at Walkerton spent some time in the grinding room at the Charles O. Hiler plant on Roosevelt Rd. in the 1960's. He became curious and felt there had to be a better way to finish castings than grinding each and every one of them. He started the die trimming of Hiler Industries castings. Shell molded castings provided a unique opportunity to trim castings because of the greater dimensional accuracy and stability, allowing dies to be built to take advantage of shell molded casting characteristics.

Today, Hiler Industries features a full metallurgical laboratory, a central metal casting finishing facility, and shipping facility. They want to ensure that castings are completed accurately and delivered on time. This ergonomically and environmentally friendly facility boasts a 50,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art automated grinding and iron casting finishing area, a CNC auto-grind machine, and a 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse space. Also, 6 loading docks for quick and reliable transport.

Their hi-tech spectrographic analysis process ensures that customer requirements are consistently met. A state-of-the-art image analyzer is used to determine that proper nodularity and other metallurgical characteristics have been attained. Both chemical and mechanical certifications can be provided upon request.

Hiler Industries is committed to Walkerton too. This Summer the new Hiler Media Center will open at Adams & Roosevelt. They have always provided philanthropy, and are dedicated to the community. One of many industries located in Walkerton.

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