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Thousands Celebrate 4th Of July In Walkerton

The festivities of the Summer began, Saturday, with the opening of the St. Joseph County, 4-H Fair at Ironwood Rd. They opened the midway with free rides for kids under 8. Plenty of animals on view and lots of contestants for best of show! Agricultural showcases, concerts, pageants, talent contests, and plenty of food! Runs until July 7th! Rides are $1.25.

Lucas Reyna, and Bryden Nystrom participate at the Walkerton July 4th Festival Parade. Photo by Tim Fantin

Midway at the St. Joseph County Fair runs through July 7th!

Celebrating the Spirit of '76 at Saylor's Arena: Photo by Andy Neal.

Saylor's Arena continues to have "Fast & Fearless - Loopy Friday's!" Rodeo has been celebrated here since the mid-20th century. See real cow-boys/girls, horses, bulls, ostriches,and bullriders! The talented sports persons are on all Summer long! Rounding barrels, throwing lasso’s, and exhibiting techniques while sporting red, white, and blue!

Walkerton July 4th Parade 2018. All Photos by Tara Dosmann Brown.

The 4th of July Parade’s began in Walkerton on Tuesday the 3rd. Thousands gathered along Roosevelt Rd. and Georgia St. to end the route at Scarborough Park. Attendees waited ‘til dusk between the JGHS athletic grounds and the park to see the spectacular fireworks! As I understand, they have been a tradition in Walkerton since 1876? Marching bands including our own John Glenn High School Falcons were proud to walk the route entertaining the festival goers. We even watched Miss Indiana 2017, Sarah Hawkins, and Miss Blueberry 2017, Brianna Rose Andrews! Politicians, Walkerton Elementary School Readers Club, community groups, clubs, race car drivers, and local businesses lined the way with floats! Even, ballerina's, and theater students appeared!

Kayak races at Koontz Lake. Photos by Greg Mundt.

Today, for the 4th of July, the morning began with a Kayak Race sponsored by the Koontz Lake Association. It began with 9 contestants from Kramer’s Beach and lasted 15 minutes to cross the lake! Good job kayakers at Koontz Lake!

North Liberty 4th of July Parade 2018. Photos by Thomas Peterson.

Koontz Lake Float-A-Rama 2018. Photo by Katie Farrington

Later by noon, at North Liberty, their Independence Day Parade brought more, thousands of people to Main St., along the downtown area. By dusk many Koontz Lake residents participated in the “Float-A-Rama.” The participants decked out their boats with decorations and lighting celebrating our freedom and independence!

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