• Kirk Gaw

Did Someone Just Buy The Old Kenny & Carl's Supermarket?

For 8 years, the hulking grocery store, built in 1960, by Nick LaFeber has sat empty at Illinois & Van Buren. Today, several local sources witnessed people inside the building removing the "For Sale" signs, and conducting activity.

Though we are not sure who the new owners are, or what purpose they have? No one is certain, exactly, what kind of business it is intended for? There is a lot of hope for a grocery store! Last Saturday, our Walkerton Page readers took part in a readers poll from our Facebook site. "Walkerton Wish List - 2018," participants voted for what businesses they want to see happen in downtown Walkerton.

Walkerton resident, Braydon Green, kept an old Kenny & Carl's grocery bag for memorabilia.

The winning item on the poll was lead with 63 votes for a downtown Supermarket featuring a "Tiki Bar" or some sort of sit down area to enjoy a refreshment, or a meal while you shop. Residents voted for other items too, including a rebuilt "Rialto Theater!" For the most part the community wants to maintain the downtown area as a destination! It can happen with the right chemistry complete with the historic architecture and unique history! We will try to keep you informed of any new announcements about the new owners of the popular supermarket!

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