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Angie Yelton The Heart And Soul Of Falcon Fire Ceramic Studio

She is the first Art Studio in DT Walkerton! Angie Yelton believes in the potential of Roosevelt Rd., and the historic Walkerton commercial district as an art center. She has been located on the 600 block for 1 and a half years where she is able to create in an affordable Walkerton studio. She is making ceramic art, inspired by her craft, customers, and her children! She puts her visions into the lumps of clay to craft them out of her unique talent, and devotion to art.

Most recently, last week, she spent her time at the Falcon Fire Ceramics booth during the annual South Bend Art Beat Festival. She is so proud to display her work and orient it to art lovers. It is the perfect venue for local artists and craftspeople to get their work out in the open market for the thousands of Michiana connoisseurs, and cognoscente.

Angie is also known in the Walkerton community as a school bus driver by day. She is known to many JGSC students. They know she is an artist who creates in her limited free time. Also, she is a Mommy to daughter Aislynn, and son Declan. They enjoy visiting her at the studio on Roosevelt when they can.

Angie promoting her crafts at the South Bend Art Beat Festival last weekend. Her first booth.

She is accomplished through channels like Pagan Pages.Org where you can find her "witchy" creations on their front page! Or, on Etsy, the e-commerce site, with Falcon Fire Studio Ceramic designs for the 4 seasons. She has her work out there and people are learning who she is. Her customers can also, custom order from Falcon Fire.

Angie is accomplished with crafting fantasy characters, creepy Halloween scenes, and high school mascots. She has mighty earth heros, anime, and mushrooms! She even has kitsch, celtic, and sado-masochistic fashions. She says, "My art attracts all different people because I make many different things. I don't have one specific thing I make more than others.

All of my stuff is one-of-a-kind. I may make something like it, but it never is exact." " I have sold to the older generation and the younger. I sell to people from all walks of life. I make anime fan art, witchy decor, incense burners, random creatures, school buses, and more. I recently did a commission for a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater for a friend!" Angie Yelton has a spectacular imagination. Her hands find their freedom in her mud, the clay is her "canvas!"

Aislynn and Declan visit their Mom while she is busy at Falcon Fire Ceramics.

Angie got her start at LaSalle High School in South Bend. She worked through her mentor Lynda Price who is a Michigan artist. She inspired Angie in her youth while she took 4 years of Ceramics. She says, "I have loved 3-D art as long as I can remember. Modeling clay was my favorite as a child. When I got to high school, I took ceramics and was hooked."

Angie went on to Goshen College, and IUSB and says she is still learning today, and teaching herself. Walkerton is not as well known for having a DT gallery or artist's studio? Angie wants to change that. She goes on, "I rent space very affordably for my studio. I am inspired by the small town spirit, though, my studio name, Falcon Fire Ceramic Studio. It is obviously inspired by the school mascot. I make Falcon themed wall-hangings and have a small fund from those.

Sales started happening and I will be donating to the Urey Middle School Art department because they still offer a small ceramic session." She wants to stimulate the youth art scene with the kids. It will definitely energize them to have more choices for media! We all know Walkerton has it's above normal share of creative people? The community has always fostered art in a big way through the schools, but the scene is not as evident on the main drag of town? Falcon Fire Ceramic Studio is changing that.

Mystical Gargoyle creature of the woods found at Falcon Fire Ceramic Studio, Walkerton.

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