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First Annual Walkerton Beer & Wine Festival Coming October 13th

Get your tastebuds connected, and palate ready for the Walkerton Parks and Recreation's first annual "Walkerton Beer & Wine Fest" on Saturday, October 13th! Fans, and connoisseurs will be stepping up for the extravaganza from 3pm-7pm at Scarbrough Park located at 71636 Walkerton Trail. Taylor O'Neal is putting the event together.

She said, "as many people may know, Craft Beer and Wine Festivals are becoming more and more popular, and with the abundance of independent breweries and wineries in the northern Indiana/southern Michigan area? We thought it might be a good event for the adults, and craft beer and wine lovers in and around our community?"

Taylor O'Neal, Superintendent at Walkerton Parks & Recreation.

"We are looking to have around 5-7 beer and wine vendors, plus, 2 or 3 food trucks. We will have live music for attendees to enjoy. Attendees must be 21 years or older to attend and they will need a ticket for admission. Tickets can be purchased online or at check-in. Tickets are $20/person and that gets them their own tasting glass and allows them to sample each beer and wine vendor."

Besides sampling the diverse local wines from our area vineyards? You can walk over to the next booth and build your local beer knowledge, here! The exciting thing about it is that there is so much to enjoy beyond the sensory pleasure of drinking beer. Of course, it all starts and ends with flavor. Beer lovers have extended their interests to include the packaging and labeling of beer, the local people who make it, local brewing history, stories from other festivals devoted to beer, and crafts and collections based on beer. We study beer, celebrate its traditions, collect its artwork, debate its merits, and categorize its styles.

When it comes to wine sampling you may ask yourself, should I spit or not spit it out after examining the flavors? Professional wine tasters long ago discovered that if they swallow every wine they taste, they’re far less thoughtful tasters by the time they reach wine nine or ten. So spitting became acceptable. In wineries, professional tasters sometimes spit right onto the gravel floor or into the drains. In more elegant surroundings, they spit into a spittoon, usually a simple container like a large plastic cup (one per taster) or an ice bucket that two or three tasters share.

Most attendees may be surprised about how many wineries and microbreweries are actually in the Walkerton region? Michiana has plenty! Taylor O'Neal and other event organizers are hopeful for a good turnout of booths.

We are also, still, accepting sponsors for the Walkerton Beer & Wine Fest! If any businesses would like to sponsor they can visit: and, click on the 'Sponsors' tab.

For anyone interested in attending the event they can also go to: for more information and to purchase their tickets!

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