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Keeping Up With Community Events The Walkerton Police Department

Walkerton is gonna be a center of activity during the Autumn season. It will be a destination for visitors from all over! Thousands will flock here for Apple Dumplings, The Valerie Ingall Band, The Great Kalita Magic Show, Fireworks, Baseball, Pancake Breakfasts, Beers, Wines, The John Glenn Choirs, and Arts & Crafts!

They will be driving here to ride the carnival amusements from Skerbeck Entertainment. They will visit to taste the various foods, and beer-wine booths! Walkerton will have parades, and crowds. The Walkerton Police Department are ready to meet the challenges these festivals will bring. Our officers will be directing traffic, checking ID's, and will be prepared for festival goers!

Assistant Police Chief Charles Kulp took the time to provide our Walkerton Page readers with a summary of what will be happening between events from September to November.

Fall-O-Ween: From 9-21 to 9-23 the Walkerton Police Department will staff officers as event security for this year’s John Glenn School Corporation Fall-O-Ween fest. We will be participating in a public safety booth with Walkerton EMS. Free health screening will be taking place as well as emergency services contact point and emergency hydration station. The Walkerton Police Department would like to encourage everyone attending to pre-plan an emergency meeting point with your group in case of an emergency or evacuation. Please be aware of your children and surroundings. If you see something, say something.

Walkerton Beer and Wine Festival: On Oct. 13th, the Walkerton Parks Department will host its first annual Beer and Wine Festival. The Walkerton Police Department will be staffing two officers as event security. These officers will help insure that participants are of legal age and be available if any issues arise. The Walkerton Police Department would like to remind participants to drink responsibly and get a designated driver or drive sober. If you need help getting home, please get with the officers working. We would prefer to help you get home safely than process an arrest or a traffic accident. Have a question? Please get with us!

Halloween: The Walkerton Police Department will provide extra safety patrols during trick-or-treating hours. We encourage drivers to be on the lookout for heavy foot traffic and slow down! We will have candy in the dispatch center so stop in while you are out and pick up a treat!

Children being guided in costume with a parent during the annual Walkerton Trick-Or-Treat, photo by Theresa Lynn Godette.

Walkerton Police Department last year preparing for holiday donations for a shop-with-a-cop event.

Shop-With-A-Cop: Starting in November, we will be starting fundraising for our annual Shop-With-A-Cop event. Selection for the event is based on recommendations from community members and staff of the John Glenn School Corporation. Each child is provided with needed necessities (coats, shoes, etc..) and after these necessities are provided the child gets to pick out toys (electronics, games, CD’s etc..). Each family is paired with a Walkerton Police Officer who will help the children shop. A large majority of the funding for this program comes from community donations and the Walkerton Police Department expressing our thanks for all the support!

Keeping track of numbers, Asst. Chief Kulp wanted to show a quick snapshot of department activity as of the 3rd Quarter 2018. It is as follows:

-Calls 3156

-Criminal Cases 222

-Cases Closed 214

-Cases Open 8

-Copies 36

-VIN Checks 45

-Gun Permits 5

-Fingerprints 3

-Golf Cart Per. 4

-Citations 304

-Warnings 680

Kulp said, "I think the fact that our department is staffed with only 6 full time officers and the rest are un-paid reserve officers makes the numbers above more impressive!" He is very proud along with Walkerton Police Chief, Matt Schaillol. A hearty thank you to our officers who dedicate their lives for public safety! They are devoted to the Walkerton Community. Be careful, and mindful out there.

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