• By Kirk Gaw

Readers Poll Results September 2018

Anyone, remember the "A & P Supermarket" at Roosevelt & Illinois St.? Last week we conducted another annual poll asking what do our readers want to see happen on Roosevelt Rd.? We asked about what types of businesses would we like to have happen between the 500 and 700 blocks?

Last year, during September of 2017, Walkerton Page Facebook members indicated they wanted as the #1 business, a Grocery Store, with 94 responding. This year we continue to want the same! 25 respondents polled on Facebook said they still want a Supermarket in DT Walkerton.

They also polled for 2nd place that they could also use a Meat Market, and that they want more restaurants! For 2nd place last year 40 readers indicated they want to see a 24-hour diner.

Thirdly, for the 2018 poll readers indicated they not only want more restaurants, but, that they would like to see the return of a bowling alley complete with video arcade, amusements, and a grill! Presently, the owner of the old bowling alley is using it for auto storage. Last year the 3rd favorite was a bakery.

Other findings ranged from residents thinking about "literally anything," to a music store, a coffeehouse, hair salon/barber, gift shop, more taverns, ice cream parlor, clothing boutique, and rebuilt movie theater. We are even thinking of a boutique hotel?

What this means is that Walkerton is ready to find the right entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in the community. Walkerton is an area serving 4 counties. Opportunity remains for the right people who understand Walkerton's unique geographical position.

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