• By Kirk Gaw

Did Someone Just Buy The Old "Red Hot's?"

According to one Walkerton Page source, it is official, that someone has bought the new and improved "Red Hot's." After going up for sale last Spring a new owner is apparently rebranding it. Only open for a year, the struggling sports bar was not serving food to go with the total package.

The Walkerton Page is unable to contact the new owner to provide details about what will go in. The sports bar located at 1004 Roosevelt Rd. was once the location of a November 3rd 2014 fire that destroyed the entire building. The former "Walt & Susies" was always a popular spot for employees who worked across the street a the Hiler Foundry. They offered lunch and drinks. Once, patrons could enjoy a cheeseburger, fries and hot soup for lunch, and even come in for a steak dinner 'til late!

Immediately after the 2014 fire Red Hot's was shown all over in the media especially, because of its name! The melted sign with flames along US Highway 6 became a novel opportunity for imagery. “Red Hots” was not to go away and the owners knew that they had a big opportunity for their brand because of the fire. They went forward to serve the Walkerton community by rebuilding and using flames for the new design.

Not only did they increase square footage, but offered more space for activities for their patrons. They installed pool tables, a basketball game, darts, and a couple of arcade style games. A favorite activity for bar patrons was the beer pong table. They even put in a new jukebox.

Now, that the space has new owners they have an opportunity to recreate something new for the community.


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