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Grocers In Walkerton Area Place 3rd And 5th In Poll

The current Koontz Lake Market owner has been serving groceries to the Walkerton area since 1989. The Walkerton Dollar General operating in the former Wilcox Supermarket has been serving customers for over 2 decades. On Sunday, October 28th The Walkerton Page conducted a Facebook poll for our readers to determine where they are shopping for groceries? Once, the Walkerton area was home to 4 supermarkets! We had the A&P, Wilcox, Dave & Ray's - Illinois St., and Dave & Ray's - Koontz Lake.

Popular Koontz Lake Market photo by Randy Kafantaris.

Today, those brands are gone in Walkerton, but, residents can depend on Dollar General, and Koontz Lake Market for local shopping. Randy Kafantaris includes a deli, along with seating for hungry diners at his Koontz Lake Market. Customers in the area appreciate the convenience of his meat department that includes fresh poultry, fish, pork, and beef. They appreciate the low prices at Dollar General on Michigan St. in downtown Walkerton too! Both stores include dairy, and dry / canned goods. Koontz Lake Market has fresh produce.

With 206 Walkerton Page poll participants we provided 26 area grocery locations from Walkerton, Koontz Lake, LaPorte, Plymouth, Valparaiso, Knox, and South Bend. The winner of the Walkerton poll was actually Wal-Mart in Plymouth! They won 59 votes! Aldi's in Plymouth came in 2nd place with 37 votes. Koontz Lake Market came in 3rd with 34 votes. Krogers in Plymouth placed 4th with 27 votes. Dollar General in Walkerton came in 5th with 18 votes. And Dollar General in Koontz Lake came to a close 6th with 17 votes. Casey's General Store in Walkerton was also, on the list and placed 20th as a late entry.

Though the Walkerton grocery poll was sudden and lasted 24 hours, it provides a random calculation of where Walkerton consumers are shopping for food when they need to go to the store? This poll shows a trend. It reveals that shoppers tend to go to Plymouth more than anywhere else for groceries. In the future we can look back for reference, and see what changes in trends have happened.

Wal-Mart on Oak Drive in Plymouth came in 1st.

This poll is a tool to help business people see where people are going? It may help explain who is getting business from our participants? It also, shows that local dollars are being spent outside of the community. Could this be a sign for local leaders to develop a new supermarket here? Someday, it will happen. Residents miss the Ray Chapman's, Nick LaFeber's, and Roy Wilcox's! They miss Kenny, and Carl too!

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