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Experience Fall Events At A Potato Creek State Park Cabin

It isn't too late to capture some quality autumn colors under the forest canopy at Potato Creek State Park? Renting a cabin may be a good idea if your camping skills are questionable? You won't need to worry about calling the front desk for a towel, or shampoo? This is the place to let your home tendencies go! No need to watch tv? Mother nature has plenty of critters to entertain you in the woods at Potato Creek! The park rangers created a schedule of activities for November! The year round cabins may be reserved through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources at the DNR website.

Prices at Potato Creek range from $80 to $100 for a furnished cabin. There are 21 cabins to choose from at Potato Creek! Also there exist 50 electrical hookups for RV'ers. If you want to pitch a tent and have a real campfire? There are 2 Youth Campgrounds on either side of the lake and 2 Family Campgrounds on the both sides of the park. They run $23 for each tent lot, and include electric hookup.

There is even an Equestrian Campground on the east side of the park with 30 electrical hookups and spaces for up to 60ft. horse trailers. These run $26 to rent per day. Perfect for riding with your horse during your stay.

This is the place destined to cure your fix for year round camping in North-Central Indiana. It is only 8 miles from Walkerton, and about 12 miles southwest of South Bend. The park features a wide array of activities and facilities for year-round enjoyment. Making reservations is advisable to enjoy some of the facilities at this very popular park. A variety of natural habitats await, including the 327-acre Worster Lake, old fields, mature woodlands, restored prairies, and diverse wetlands. Each offers unique opportunities for plant and wildlife observation. You will feel like you stepped back in time to witness what native people's used in the area for hunting and fishing before European settlers arrived in the 1830s.

Potato Creek State Park visitors getting a tour with the park ranger.

Beginning on November 7th, daily at 1pm you can gather at the Potato Creek State Park Nature Center with the park rangers to help put out bird seed, and suet. Watch as birds and other wildlife congregate in the observation area to eat. Here is what the rangers recommend to observe after feeding: Which animals choose which foods? Which animals hang out in groups and which come and go individually? Which animals don't get along with others? What's the pecking order within and between species?

On Saturday, November 10th meet up with your Potato Creek Guide for "Frozen Footsteps." The tour begins at 2pm and lasts 45 minutes. Animals leave behind stories of their wanderings. Figure out whose tracks are whose, and then make your own tracks to keep. Gather at the Potato Creek State Park Nature Center.

On Sunday, November 11th check out the "Dig Deer" tour held with park rangers at 2pm. Take a look at the wonderful adaptations that make deer such good survivors, from babies through adults. Meet at the Potato Creek State Park Nature Center.

Next Saturday, on November 17th meet up once again for "Life In A Dead Tree." Investigate what's living in, and on dead trees at Potato Creek State Park - they're nurseries for nature! Meet at the Potato Creek State Park Nature Center for this moderate hike at 2pm.

"Where Are The Insects Now?" It's happening on Saturday November 24th at 2pm. Discover the adaptations insects have developed to survive the winter, and come back strong in spring and summer at Potato Creek State Park. Then make a craft to keep!

You will find plenty of critters, and wildlife at Potato Creek State Park.

Finally, on Sunday, November 25th at 2pm come to Potato Creek's nature center to make a cute nature craft or two, and kick off the holiday season!

For a complete Potato Creek State Park map showing the cabins, and campground plots go to:

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