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Urey Middle School Spelling Bowl Team Wins State Championship

Out of 1,614 words provided on the 2018 Indiana Spelling Bowl list our very own Urey Middle School 2018 Spelling Bowl team was able to pronounce, spell, and define any one of them at random. The state selected only words that are appropriate for school use. The Urey Middle School Falcon's were a Class 2 team this year at the State Finals on the Purdue University campus. The 9 Urey students performed with a perfect score!

They competed against Thomas Jefferson Middle School from Valparaiso, Western Middle School from Russiaville, Michael Grimmer Middle School from Schererville, New Prairie Middle School from New Carlisle, and Helfrich Park STEM Academy from Evansville. The jubilant 9 competitors along with Coach Wendy Peters were met on Saturday night with a parade that took their bus from Potato Creek State Park, then through North Liberty, and finally arriving through downtown Walkerton. They were escorted through the JGSC communities with, several area fire trucks, an ambulance, and many proud parents! Boosters lined part of the route in downtown Walkerton cheering and clapping for the champions!

Indiana Spell Bowl - 2018 Championship. Photo by Ken and Angie Swank. Urey also won the championship last year and placed 2nd in 2016.

Earlier, Coach Peters treated them to "Arni's Restaurant" for supper, and later to "The Silver Dipper" for ice cream, both in West Lafayette. The team started practicing shortly after school begin in August. The win is a result of Spelling Bowl practices twice a week after school since August. The Urey Middle School kids won the regional competition earlier at Kesling Middle School in LaPorte on October 30th.

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