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Jacob Kenney Setting The Record Straight

You may remember the headlines last Memorial Day weekend? "Walkerton SWAT Standoff Ends In Peaceful Surrender." That is just like Jacob Kenney too. He is a peaceful young man who has many friends, a loving family, and many ambitions! He surrendered. I wanted to ask him so, what happened anyway?

Jacob, originally from Elkhart, is a longtime Walkerton resident. He has never been married, and has two kids. Jacob is a professional welder in South Bend. Last May 31st, Walkerton Police were called to his house by his live in girlfriend. He and her spent a lot of time together and got into a squabble that turned into a deadlock with no resolve.

Jacob Kenney drinking his first morning coffee at the shop.

The Walkerton Police arrived on the scene as a domestic disturbance. When Jacob saw the cops coming he ran to the garage and was scared. They observed him possibly carrying a cellphone and falsely claimed that he had a weapon. They called the St. Joseph County SWAT. Jacob hid in the attic and required them to get him to come outside to surrender.

It seemed like a misunderstanding. I asked him if he was ever married and what his family life was like when the incident happened? Jacob is such an open and honest guy about himself. No holds barred! Anyhow, here's what Jacob said.

"Nope was never married."

"Not really worried about what people think about me. People that have met me or spoken to me know me better. I just want people to know that nobody was hurt. And, I’m not some crazy women beater like the news may have claimed. The year before I pushed her off of me and she was recording on her cellphone. We are just two people who definitely don’t belong together."

Jacob at home enjoys cooking. One of his favorite hobbies besides being with his two daughters. Here he is preparing Thanksgiving. He is a family man.

"I have two daughters one 9, and the other 4. I'm Trying to get custody back of my oldest back at the moment. All my legal stuff has been settled. I pleaded out to a misdemeanor of verbal intimidation."

I wondered if this happened at someone else's house, and asked where this happened, "No, I was living in my house I had built it in Walkerton back in 2010. Which, I’m back at home now. I just had to wait for my second baby's mama to move out."

"Well we got in argument like normal and of course she had her phone out recording. She asked me if I was going to shoot her. Which she knows after 5 years of being with me that I don’t own, or believe in guns! So, I told her yeah, basically to get the hell away from me in so many words. Then I heard the cops at the door. Got a gut feeling so I went out to the garage and hid. The original police report said I came to the door with a object in my hand which was a lie. They never saw me. Nobody saw me or heard from me until SWAT showed up and I felt it was safe to come down. They didn’t find any guns. But then claimed they found a 1/2 pound of medical grade Marijuana and 9 gummy squares."

"Yea that’s Fine." "I didn’t really see them. I heard them outside. Got a bad feeling. Thought they were going to shoot me?

I asked Jacob about his job, "Yeah, I’ve been working at the same weld shop in South Bend since 2008. They got a lot of money invested in me. And they have experienced the trouble's before so they knew it was bullshit when it made the news. The owner wrote the judge a long letter."

Optimistic about the future, and keeping up with his friends. Jacob has two beautiful young daughters and is trying to maintain his family. They have their whole lives ahead of them.

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