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Meet Your Local Walkerton Government 2019

The main focus of the Walkerton Town Council is to serve the needs of citizens granted powers by the state to work collaboratively on local issues. Walkerton provides services and maintains budgets. Presently, they are working on 3 main revitalization goals of the community. To bring in new businesses. To assist the existing business for expansion purposes.

Finally, to beautify the downtown commercial district to slow down drivers and bring people into the community. They want large scaled projects that could be phased over the next 10 – 20 years. Your elected representatives are working for you to offer a community that you expect! They are:

Karol Jackson-President (D) - Ward 4, Has been working on revitalizing downtown Walkerton, and is involved with communicating goals that will bring more revenue for the community there. She helped facilitate the study with the Jones Petrie Rafinski (JPR) firm to plan answers for downtown Walkerton improvements titled: " Who We Are, What Do We Want, What Can We Do, and How Can We Do It." ( Downtown Revitalization Plan.) She is also credited for her support with the Dogwood Estates development at the West York neighborhood.

Gene Reese-Vice President (R) - Ward 2, Worked at Ancilla College as athletic director. First elected to the Walkerton Town Council in 1990, served as President. Believes leadership is an important issue for government.

Tommi Weeks - Council Member (R) - Ward 1, She is a stay at home Mom enthusiastic to hear your ideas about the town. She has many ideas of her own to offer the community and wants your voices to be heard. She wants to source from local level funding.

Jeffrey Fansler-Council Member (R) - Ward 3, Territory sales manager for a building products wholesaler. His prior public service was his appointment to the town park board for 15 years, during which he served as president for about 10 years. During that time, he said the board made significant improvements to the parks, including adding walking trails. Fansler’s main concerns for the town include the departure of many longtime town employees, the aging water system, accountability of the town use of funds in its budget and finding a way to attract new businesses to fill empty storefronts and increase town tax revenue.

Joyce Joiner-Council Member (R) - Works in restaurant management. She brings her youthful presence to the council as the youngest member. She is helping to bring new businesses to Walkerton.

District Map showing Wards for Town of Walkerton 2019.

The Town of Walkerton Council is normally held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. Your presence and participation is encouraged! Get involved today!

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