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"All Seasons Sports Bar & Grill" Offers Signature Cocktails Food And Entertainment For

Continuing the legacy, below the hill at 1004 Roosevelt Rd., "All Seasons Sports Bar & Grill" is the new place to unwind in Walkerton! Good food, drinks, dancing, and entertainment seems to complete the vision of the new owners. Staffed with friendly local faces, and a busy kitchen, the team at All Seasons are ready to serve!

Let Ashley Marie serve you up at "All Seasons Sports Bar & Grill!" They offer signature cocktails, frozen drinks, and microbrews. It is a place to get together and warm away the winter blues.

Operations Manager, Michael Swiger, has managed to bring in customers with signature cocktails and great local bands! The community has a new place to play billiards, video games, beer pong, darts, and compete in karaoke! Swiger also known as "Kaptain Doodle" succeeded to throw the best New Years Eve party in town to bring in 2019! Local talents like "4Play,"and "The Jordan & James Duo" have taken the new stage.

The "Assbag" is a signature cocktail at All Seasons. A Blake's root beer highball including Jagermeister, and Sprite. This drink will warm your Walkerton heart!

An "All Seasons Vodka Lemonade" will refresh you with zing!

All Seasons is already promoting a comedy night to take place on February 8th to bring in stand up for Walkerton! Michael Swiger went on, "Our signature drink is 'The Assbag.' but we also call it 'BRB -Blake's Root Beer,' it includes Jagermeister, with Sprite." He said, not to forget, "We have Pizza, Italian Beef, Philly's, Wings, and more." The bartenders at All Seasons also, concoct great frozen drinks to refresh thirsty patrons.

On Friday's they were having an Ugly Sweater Contest with "DJ - C Money!" There is plenty of space to cut footloose. "Kaptain Doodle," Michael Swiger added, "We mostly have live music, but we include karaoke, DJ nights, and even the comedy show coming soon! Our events are posted on our facebook page."

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