• Kirk Gaw

Winter Snow Finally Arrives in Walkerton Slowing Travel

While, the Midwest has become sharply colder with rapid freezing, citizens of the Walkerton area remain cautious for travel as 4" to 6" of snow has fallen.

Jenny Fry waits for the roads to clear in her car before departing the new library during the snowfall.

A 6 degree low tonight with highs through Monday from 14 to 16 degrees! This makes for slippery road conditions! Careful of the snowplows! 1 to 3 more inches of snow until Monday, sunshine expected to peek through the clouds by Tuesday with highs in the 30's, and snow again Wednesday.

Anthony and Katelyn McGriff were able to snap a picture of downtown Walkerton winter road conditions today.

This forecast is brought to you by "Walkerton Accuweather" -

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