• By Kirk Gaw

Spectacular Local Photographer Kelly Bussie

Kelly Bussie is passionate about nature and wildlife. Especially, found right here in the Walkerton area! For recreation Kelly likes to get outside, he is inspired by nature. "I enjoy long walks with camera in hand hoping for that elusive bird of prey to give me a slow flyby." "I always have time for a flower that shows its best face for me."

Kelly Bussie with daughter Cheyenne in front of his exhibit at the Tri Kappa Fine Arts Festival gallery at JGHS.

Last week the Walkerton, Epsilon Chi Tri Kappa, Fine Arts Festival exhibited an array of Kelly's talent for display as the feature of Adult Talent during the gallery event at John Glenn High School. Kelly gets noticed a lot on Facebook. This showing put him right out there for up close enjoyment! He said, "the invite for the Tri Kappa show actually came a year ago." "I had zero pictures printed and no time to start so we agreed it would be this year that I would break out in to the public." "Credit to my daughter, Cheyenne, for being there for my first show."

A very young photographer Kelly Bussie.

I asked Kelly when he got his first camera? "At the age of 19 just hours after graduating USAF Basic Training in 1977 I made my first camera purchase." "On my closet shelf sits a well worn, "Yashica TL Electro" film camera." He went on, "it hasn't been fired in anger in decades." "What inspired that purchase was two fold, a brother that was a freelance photographer, and secondly I had a young family."

Further inspired, he went on, "I left the USA early April of 1977, bound for the United Kingdom, namely RAF Mildenhal." "It was to be my home for the next 2 years where, to this day, I've kept in touch with several friends." "Thanks to the internet!" "That Yashica served me honorably during our time there, as well as time spent in Cheyenne, Wyoming."

A local wildflower field in the forest by Kelly Bussie.

Picture of an osprey Kelly has been tracking out in the local wilds.

Kelly Bussie is keeping up with technology. He added, "with the advent of digital I've since retired the several film cameras with "Nikon," and "Pentax" digital bodies, and lots of lenses." "I'm camera poor and loving it." "Cheyenne has suggested that I'm a landscape photographer, and I can't disagree." "Except, that our part of Indiana at this time of year is, well let's face it, bland." "Candid and posed portraits keep me practiced using light for those brave enough to stand in front of my lens."

For the 53rd year the Walkerton, Epsilon Chi Tri Kappa, Fine Arts Festival has brought joy to the minds of the community and contributes to the talents of the young. Harnessing skills from role models like Kelly and other local art influencers expands on capabilities. Having a Veteran involved makes us proud!

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