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Upstart Local Online Retail At Cain's Outlet

A new business has started in downtown Walkerton by local entrepreneur James Cain. Trending products on the internet has become a popular alternative for those hunting hard to find bargains. James Cain has made Walkerton the spot where he hopes to grow his website launched on March 4th.

James Cain with wife Melanie in Walkerton keeping the spirit of retail alive online at "Cain's Outlet"

He hopes to provide availability and convenience for products like T-Shirts, Apparel, Drones, Radio Controlled Cars And Trucks, Robotics, and Gift Items. Engaging area customers will be a convenience especially at the drop shipping space provided. Cain's Outlet suppliers offer direct shipping between 5 - 7 business days. James explained, "we currently are operating from our home but, with everything being Internet based, for now it makes for a very affordable business model."

"In turn it allows US to pass the cost savings on to our customers." "We do have plans in the future for opening a brick and mortar shop in Walkerton to add to the availability and convenience of also having our products in town."

"We market to anyone and everyone, our products are not targeted toward any specific audience, we prefer to offer something for everyone, and we are always expanding our product catalog with the best products available."

The Cain's have a legacy in the community. James continued, "my family has been in the area since my grandparents settled in Grovertown some 80 years or so ago."

"Both of my parents grew up in the area, and now I am here. My wife's family has been in Walkerton for at least 150 years dating back to the town founding. Our plans for the future include buying land to build a home on and remaining in the area. Possibly, opening more new businesses along the way."

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