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Easter Is A Time To Join Loved Ones And At Swan Lake Resort

Three days after Jesus was crucified by the Romans and died in roughly 30 A.D. The holiday concludes the “Passion of Christ,” a series of events and holidays that begins with Lent—a 40-day period of fasting, prayer and sacrifice—and ends with Holy Week, which includes Holy Thursday (the celebration of Jesus’ Last Supper with his 12 Apostles), Good Friday (on which Jesus’ crucifixion is observed), and Easter Sunday. Although a holiday of high religious significance in the Christian faith, many traditions associated with Easter date back to pre-Christian, pagan times.

Did you know Pope Gregory XIII, or at least, the calendar to which he gave his name? Easter is an annual festival observed throughout the western Christian world. The date for Easter shifts every year within the Gregorian Calendar. The Gregorian Calendar is the standard international calendar for civil use. In addition, it regulates the ceremonial cycle of the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches.

The current Gregorian ecclesiastical rules that determine the date of Easter trace back to 325 CE at the First Council of Nicaea convened by the Roman Emperor Constantine. At that time the Roman world used the Julian Calendar (put in place by Julius Caesar). The Council decided to keep Easter on a Sunday, the same Sunday throughout the world. To fix incontrovertibly the date for Easter, and to make it determinable indefinitely in advance, the Council constructed special tables to compute the date.

These tables were revised in the following few centuries resulting eventually in the tables constructed by the 6th century Abbot of Scythia, Dionysis Exiguus. Nonetheless, different means of calculations continued in use throughout the Christian world. Universal adoption of this Gregorian calendar occurred slowly. By the 1700's, though, most of western Europe had adopted the Gregorian Calendar. The Eastern Christian churches still determine the Easter dates using the older Julian Calendar method.

The usual statement, that Easter Day is the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs next, after the vernal equinox, is not a precise statement of the actual ecclesiastical rules. The full moon involved is not the astronomical Full Moon but, an ecclesiastical moon determined from tables that keeps, more or less, in step with the astronomical Moon.

The ecclesiastical rules are: Easter falls on the first Sunday, following the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or after the day of the vernal equinox. This particular ecclesiastical full moon is the 14th day of a tabular lunation new moon. And the vernal equinox is fixed as March 21st resulting in that Easter can never occur before, March 22nd, or later than April 25th.

The Gregorian dates for the ecclesiastical full moon come from the Gregorian tables. Therefore, the civil date of Easter depends upon which tables - Gregorian or pre-Gregorian - are used. The western (Roman Catholic and Protestent) Christian churches use the Gregorian tables; many eastern (Orthodox) Christian churches use the older tables based on the Julian Calendar.

There are some anomalies in certain years but, generally it works as outlined. Anyways, "Swan Lake Resort" is having an Easter Luncheon on Sunday, April 21st. The event will begin with the Easter Egg Hunt to take place in the Gazebo Courtyard at 12:00 PM.This will be followed by their Easter Luncheon at 12:30 PM in the Grand Ballroom. Times and locations are subject to change based on availability and weather.

Please contact Matt Hovermale for more information at: (574) 935-5680 x716

Cost Includes 7% Sales Tax and Soft Drinks

Adults (12 and Older) - $32.00 Seniors - $25.00 Children (Ages 4 to 11) - $11.00 Children (3 and Under) - Free

Reservations can be made by calling (574) 935-5680 x760.


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