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On Roosevelt At The New "Rosie's" With Fred Holdeman

It's only been a month since Fred Holdeman and his family opened the new "Rosie's" restaurant at 608 Roosevelt Rd. Right now Walkerton has the best of choices for hot dogs with the other competition happening around the "Rosie's" opening? Fred Holdeman is inspired. He got interested in the old empty Memories Pizza location and gave it a try for the "Rosie's" brand. He has invested in the space with an attempt to capture the appetites of Walkertonians right in the heart of downtown.

I asked him how he came up with the name? He said, "my oldest daughter has two names for her first name and part of her name is rose. So my mother came up with the idea to call it Rosie’s after my daughter." Fred added, "We currently have hot dogs and bake goods and other snack foods. We plan to add more unique snack items and more baked goods. We want to carry more unique items you cannot get everywhere else."

"We like to make homemade items and make fresh goods." Right now you can get a bag of 6 cookies for $3. It really is a good bargain for customers! I asked him about his hot food menu. He said right now they are focusing on the hot dog recipes. They were once thinking about pizza too, but, not yet.

"We use all beef, quarter pound "Nathan’s" hot dogs for all our dogs. Regular hot dogs comes with ketchup, mustard, and relish." "For the chili dog, the chili we use is homemade and is my wife’s own recipe." "Boston Terri Dog is topped with a homemade baked bean sauce with bacon."

"And the chili cheese dog has the same chili sauce but with cheese." Fred went further regarding the cheese sauce, "we are currently working on some different kinds but, keeping quiet until, we are ready to come out."

Concerning the appearance, "we like to keep it a friendly atmosphere and we try to include all the feedback we can get."

"We are there to serve our community and always taking new suggestions. We can’t always do everything right away like we hope, but we try." As far as beverages the Holdeman's are keeping it easy for now. "We currently don’t have coffee but we have bottled water and other soft drinks to go more with the hot dogs. We are looking to add more but yet, have not."

I asked Fred about catering or events? He replied, "we have had teacher’s from the local schools pre order cookies for their classrooms and have had people pre order hot dogs. Also, we currently, are not doing parties at our location."

So if you are getting the hungry urge to try them out? Come over to 608 Roosevelt in downtown Walkerton! You can find them under "Rosie's" on Facebook. Here are their hours:

Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm

Closed Sunday

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