• By Kirk Gaw

Farmers Market And New Kitchen Store Enriches Walkerton

Growing demands for local food is the focus on every Thursday at The New Kitchen Store parking lot since Spring has sprung. Sales at the farmers market serve as an alternative channel to the conventional grocery store.

The location at 330 Liberty St. provides a unique marketing opportunity for area agricultural producers and entrepreneurs. The charm of the New Kitchen Store continues to attract new customers from all over the region. The eclectic personality of Phyllis Wille is contagious. She has devoted 10 years of significance to the Walkerton Farmers Market.

"We started the farmers market when we were downtown about 10 years ago. It was across the street in the little Urey park. It has always been a challenge to get farmers and people together. We have had lots of farmers and no shoppers and then lots of shoppers. and no people," Phyllis said.

The market is on Thursdays 4-7. She invites area entrepreneurs to join in the festivities at the parking lot on 23.

"Until the Summer fruit ripens it will just be live plants for now. I will be writing more about the new idea as soon as I talk to our local farmers."

She added, "It is also, an online ordering and pickup on day of the market. Which will bring in fruit and baked goods. Obviously, it is too early for produce but live plants will be here and maybe asparagus and rhubarb."

It has been an outlet for small to medium producers looking to generate revenue. It also, enriches the Walkerton community with choices.

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