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5 Local Mothers Day Brunch Spots To Celebrate Mom

Don't Forget Mom on Mother's Day, May 12th! This year we are highlighting the best non-Walkerton area spots to take your loved ones to celebrate dear, Mom. The nearest Mother's Day Brunch will be at Swan Lake Resort. The national tradition of Mother's Day actually began in South Bend at the University of Notre Dame dating back to 1904 when alumnus, and administrator, Frank E. Hering, at the University of Notre Dame made a plea to Congress for setting aside a day to memorialize Mothers and motherhood.

Because of him the US Congress made it a holiday in 1911. After, observing a class of Notre Dame students sending home penny postcards to their mothers, Hering, went on to be a vocal advocate for the national Mother's Day movement into the next decade.

Breakfasts, brunches, and excursions may satisfy the celebration for Mom! Get your reservations in now before it is too late? Right here in Walkerton, no one, has been open for a Mother's Day Brunch since "Paulette's Restaurant" at 600 Roosevelt Rd. from 1982 until 1986. The closest to a Walkerton area "Mother's Day" brunch happened when 24 hour Welco's was open. But, that burnt down before Mother's Day, during, Winter of 2005.

Paulette Kennedy, one of the former manager's at the iconic Welco's complex continued the only Mother's Day tradition for as long as she could. That is what led to the Paulette's Restaurant at the Roosevelt & Michigan St. location. That was the last Mother's Day brunch event in town.

Today, no information is available about a Walkerton event since, planners in the vicinity have not posted any details for a Mother's Day happening. If in fact there is one? So, that leaves the 15,000 + area residents to schedule activities out of town.

They must plan the celebration in other communities. Facilities like Tippecanoe Place, and Swan Lake Resort are nearby. Costs for the All-You-Can-Eat Brunches are from $25 -$40. Let's have a look at options from salads, cold bar, seafood, ribs, roasted chicken, salmon. shrimp, prime rib, roast beef, ham, and kid menu's galore! Mom will love the sinful desserts and drinks? Reserve your table for Mother's Day 2019:

1. Tippecanoe Place in South Bend is at the old Studebaker Mansion at 620 W. Washington Ave. in DT South Bend. The Mother's Day Brunch begins at 9AM and lasts there until 4PM. It is $40 per person. You can expect elegant service that Mom will appreciate! The historic location and superb service is remarkable. CALL NOW for reservations: 574-234-9077. Built by Clem Studebaker from 1886 - 1889, the Tippecanoe Place mansion has a rich and colorful history. Today, the restaurant indulges clientele in grand cuisine and noble wine - all within an atmosphere of unparalleled ambiance at the heart of the South Bend business and catering scene.

2. Swan Lake Resort at 5203 Plymouth LaPorte Trail will be having a Mothers Day Brunch for $32 per person at the Grand Ballroom. Make your Reservations now before they run out: Call (574) 935-5680 x760 The deadline to reserve is by 12PM on May 10th. There is a bar and gazebo, plus luxury hotel accomodations including an indoor swimming pool and golf course.

3. Best Western LaPorte Hotel And Conference Center - Timbers / Taos Restaurant and conference area is still operating it's traditional Mother's Day Brunch which has been happening there since 1968. Built by adventurer scientist Peter Kessling on Pine Lake in LaPorte. You can make reservations today for the Mothers Day Brunch on May 12th. 11AM - 2PM. Cost is $32 per adult. This iconic location at 444 Pine Lake Avenue aims to please. Get your reservations in now: (219) 362-4585

4. Christo's Plymouth is now taking reservations for Mother's Day Brunch. Call now: (574) 935-9666 Brunch times are from 10AM- 3PM $24.95 per adult.

Expect the ultimate at "Christo's" in Plymouth, 830 Lincolnway East.

5. See Amish Acres! Treat your mom to the nostalgia of gathering around antique tables amid the hand hewed beams of the Old Barn Restaurant with your family and share Amish Acres famous Threshers Dinner Buffet featuring Country Broasted Chicken, Tender Roast Beef and Honey Baked Ham. Or Moms get a FREE theatre ticket with purchase of Threshers Dinner! Treat your mom to the nostalgia of gathering around antique tables amid the hand hewed beams of the old barn restaurant with your family and share Amish Acres famous Threshers Dinner Buffet featuring Country Broasted Chicken, Tender Roast Beef and Honey Baked Ham.

Begin your culinary treat with steaming bean soup, continue with mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, beef and noodles, and hearth baked bread and apple butter. You'll tarry while you select from the bountiful selection of baked pies and and cookies. In addition, we have a special treat for mother's day including a sumptuous salad bar, a breakfast bar featuring a waffle station (10:30 - 2:00pm) and a soft serve ice cream bar! CALL NOW: (574) 773-4188 1600 W. Market St. US 6 in Nappanee.

Threshers Dinner is served Mother’s Day from 10:30am-5pm.

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