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Oakwood Cafe Is The Place To Celebrate Good Food In Walkerton

It wasn't that long ago when Lira and Nick Asani were searching the country for a new home to settle as a young family, cook food, and provide their favorite recipes for hungry customers. They wanted to find a community that had a need for a family style restaurant.

They came to Walkerton and hit the jackpot on Highway 23! It is no secret that the community needed a successor since, Welco's. Before coming to Indiana they ran a restaurant in Texas, and originally, grew up in the Republic of Kosovo, formerly a state of the now gone, Yugoslavia.

It all starts with their American fare menu inspired for Walkerton family's. "We strive to provide a place for people in our community to spend time enjoying each other and their families." They really hit the mark. Oakwood Cafe is the most popular sit down family style restaurant in Walkerton. "The dishes are meant to be high quality, family favorites, with just the right amount of down home love," said Lira.

The day begins early at 7AM when opening happens. Those customers searching for the best brew of coffee and delicious morning treats can expect excellent service from the energetic staff. "Breakfast includes all your family favorites from omelettes, pancakes, biscuits & gravy and is served all day."

If you ever have a craving for a hearty, healthy, breakfast towards the afternoon this is the place to find it. Oakwood Cafe has farm fresh fruit and dairy ingredients.

Taking a break for the noontime whistle means lunch in blue collar Walkerton. The restaurant at 280 Liberty Street can fill quickly for devoted customers. They have the best sandwiches and french fries! Oakwood Cafe is known for their juicy burgers so don't miss one?

Soups, and crisp salads? This is the place! Also, if you want an American style meaty dinner plate? Yes, that is available too. The diverse menu allows for whatever your fancy could be. They provide a bevy of desserts, different types of pies, cake, and cheesecakes. Since, Oakwood Cafe finishes serving at 3pm you don't want to miss it. Later hours after 3 may be reserved for parties and events of up to 20 plates serving into the evening.

This year be sure to bring Mom to the Mother's Day event on Sunday, May 12th. The Asani's enjoy cooking up holiday events with Walkertonian's! They served Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and even had Mrs. & Mr. Santa Claus during Christmastime! Every celebration is like Thanksgiving.

In April of 2017 Oakwood Cafe was honored by the Walkerton Chamber of Commerce for the Civic Improvement Award. They had rehabilitated a long empty space and helped turnaround the Liberty Street location. The owners and management at "Oakwood Cafe" became a destination.

I asked the Asani's what attributed to that recognition?

"Commitment to quality ingredients, and making sure the customers are happy."

"We also strive to make the service consistent, and to serve everyone as quickly as we can while maintaining the quality of the food."

They also, care about their neighbors! The Asani's and "Oakwood Cafe" staff continue to inspire philanthropy and support community drives. They make an impression everyday on the customers. One memorable experience that stuck out Lira's mind reflects their passion for those they serve.

She said, "In the time since we have been open, our most memorable moments include a sweet young family whose daughter is about the same age as my Artina."

"This family went through a really tough time when their daughter was diagnosed with a rare condition."

"Our hearts went out to them and there was no greater joy than when they brought her back to the restaurant after her successful procedure and we could visit and celebrate her recovery with them."

"We do private events after hours for a minimum of 20 plates. We have pickup but not delivery at this time. Catering is something we have considered but we have not seen the demand for this service a this time." Call: (574) 586-3724

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