• By Kirk Gaw

New Retail Space Available For Lease At Former Brass Lion

Now, that the Walkerton Lincoln Township Public Library has moved from the 300 Michigan St. address to its new Hiler Media Center location on Roosevelt and Adams St. the former 5,000 sq. ft. address is now for lease.

First, built as "The Brass Lion" it was once a popular fashion spot that included upscale fashions for men. women, and kids. It even had sporting goods, beachwear, shoes, record albums, and toys. Most people remember it for its vast selection of jeans, and T-shirts? Also, one could rent a tuxedo, buy a business suit, or a dinner jacket? Pajamas, nightgowns, and even industrial clothing, and workboots were available.

Today, the space is once again empty. It could be repurposed for all sorts of commercial ideas? Maybe, even a restaurant, office headquarters, or banquet hall? Either way, it is a good investment opportunity for anyone interested in providing improved Walkerton commerce.

A potential office headquarters tenant could repurpose the large space for a bold design. Many possibilities exist for new business in Walkerton. The Allstate Office Center at Roosevelt and Adams on the westside of Walkerton was renovated from the old Mahoney's dealership.

* Brass Lion 300 Michigan St. photo by James Cain

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