• By Kirk Gaw

30 Walkerton Business Ideas To Serve The Community

It all starts with an idea. Inspire yourself with something you enjoy? Or Try This:

  1. Restaurants

  2. Coffeehouse

  3. Handyman or Contractor

  4. Automotive Repairs

  5. Home Cleaning

  6. IT and Computer Services

  7. Pet Store, Grooming, and Boarding

  8. Salon or Barbershop

  9. Grocery Store

  10. Antique or Thrift Store

  11. Fitness Studio or Gym

  12. Tutoring Business

  13. Ice Cream Shop

  14. Dry Cleaner

  15. Bookstore

  16. Bed and Breakfast

  17. Floral Shop

  18. Gardening and Landscaping

  19. Nail Salon and Spa

  20. Photography

  21. Clothing Boutique

  22. Daycare

  23. Brewery or Winery

  24. Catering Company

  25. Event Venue and Planner

  26. Tattoo and Piercing Shop

  27. Veterinary Office

  28. Food Truck

  29. Health Clinic

  30. Bakery

Big business can happen in Walkerton. Small towns offer a unique opportunity of a concentrated market—as well as the challenge of a limited population. Finding good business ideas that will stick is all about meeting a current demand with a great product or service.

Downtown Walkerton Commercial District. Rainbow Photo by Kim Giese

In order to start a business that works, you’ll need to perform background research into the local market, as well as the specific geography of the physical location. In a small town, you’re much more dependent on a smaller group for business, so choosing the right location is crucial to optimize store traffic. Even if your business plan is service-based, it’s still a good idea to have a firm grasp on how big your market is.

Once you have an idea of the consumer marketplace, you can lay the groundwork for different business ideas—ultimately deciding on the one that you think will work best. Once you find out more about the resources available and other businesses in your area, you can talk to other business owners, and finally, evaluate the costs and requirements of starting a business in a small town.

With inspiration from "Fundera", we’ve gathered this list of 30 small town business ideas that every community needs. You can use this list as a starting point for research, or perhaps, find just the right idea for a business in town. Be sure to check out the "Fundera" website to learn more:

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