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Summer 2019 Poll Winner "Oakwood Cafe" The Favorite Of Walkerton

On July 23rd about 5 days ago, The Walkerton Page conducted yet, another poll to find out what are our readers favorite Walkerton area establishments? Here is what it read:

July 23 at 2:57 PM

What is your favorite "Walkerton Area" Restaurant / Tavern?

Oakwood Cafe on Liberty Street is the winner of the Summer 2019 Walkerton poll.

Today, we found that "Oakwood Cafe" won the readers poll on the Facebook page. They recieved the most votes of 53 readers. Last time in October our poll showed China House as the winner.

"Oakwood Cafe" is now at the top spot with their American menu, newly expanded patio tables outside, and a daily special - changing menu. Lira and Nick Asani keep the customers coming back with their breakfasts, lunches, and desserts.

"We strive to provide a place for people in our community to spend time enjoying each other and their families."

They really hit the mark with items like Eggs Benedict, Chicken & Dumpling Soup, Lasagna, and Pizza Cheeseburgers.

The kids like their ice cream flavors for Sundaes, like New York Cheesecake, Butter Pecan, and Double Chocolate Truffle.

They are located at 208 N. Liberty St. on Highway 23 north of downtown Walkerton.

"The dishes are meant to be high quality, family favorites, with just the right amount of down home love," said Lira.

Carmel Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake at Corner Cup Cafe.

"Corner Cup Cafe" serves soups, sandwiches, pies, and exotic flavored coffees.

2nd Place was "Corner Cup Cafe" located at Michigan and Roosevelt in DT Walkerton. They have breakfasts, lunch, and an old fashioned chocolate, and candies counter. They also, have various exotic coffee's and cappucinos.

All Season's Sports Bar & Cafe has plenty for customers including craft beers.

Coming in 3rd Place was the new "All Seasons Sports Bar & Cafe" they keep the town busy with entertainment, Mixed Cocktails, Beer, Pizza's, Calzone's, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Pizza Bread, and French Dip sandwiches with fries. Big bar, games, and a new patio deck. This is the place to unwind and have a hot snack, and a refreshing drink.

China House has many traditional items on menu in DT Walkerton.

"China House" came in the 4th place spot. You can depend on their classic Chinese - Mandarin menu. Spicy, worldly flavors only they can cook up. Like their Dumplings, General Tsao Chicken, Orange Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Dim Sum, Szechuan recipes, and Hot & Sour Soups.

Next time we will do a poll for best pizza"s in the area. And work on doing a Food Festival in the future?

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