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Creekside Equicenter One "Prout" Family Business

Horse enthusiasts beware! Looking to put a smile on your face? Not far from downtown Walkerton and, going towards Stanton Rd. you will find the most complete horse facility at "Creekside Equicenter." It is a family owned, operated horse boarding and, training facility. Where getting up close to horses is all in the plan.

Kids love this place! 1 hour of riding instruction is only $35. It includes all riding disciplines approached through solid principles. Their goal is a balanced, supple, forward and, cheerfully cooperative horse. The owner looks for desirable traits in any riding endeavor.

She said, "We encourage our riders to pursue riding disciplines that are suitable for their skill level and, horse’s abilities. Jumping lessons are available to riders with appropriate skills and experience."

"Our goal is to help you develop skills necessary to realize your equestrian interests and potential. Your horse or ours. We have lesson horses available."

"Creekside Equicenter" was established in 2004 by Michael and, Tina Prout. The Walkerton couple built their boarding stable to include riding, equine training, and instruction. "Creekside Equicenter" is currently operated by the mother and, daughter team.

Tina Prout and, her daughter, Colleen, manage a full barn with dozens of students throughout the year. Colleen grew up helping her mother since she was about 7 years old and, for the past 3 years she has been assisting with all tasks in boarding, training and riding lessons.

Colleen Prout, Riding Instructor, said, "At Creekside, we specialize in Hunter Jumper, Western Gaming, General Horseback Riding and, Dressage Training for both horse and, rider."

"We love to work with riders of all ages and skill levels."

"Lesson and, lease horses are available for those who would like to learn but, are not ready to own yet. Some of our goals are to make working with horses a fun, rewarding experience for all of our clients."

Annually, there are at least 2 exciting "Summer Camps" for kids ages 6-14 during, June and, July.

Summer Camps hours are Monday through Friday, from 9am to 2pm.

Colleen said, "We host fun riding activities, and games."

"The friendships here, teach kids the value of good horsemanship."

"There are several horse shows at our facility throughout the year. Typically, called schooling shows for fun shows, they are competitive but, relaxed and, fun. We also participate in various horse shows around the area that focus on Jumping, Dressage or Western Contesting."

She added, "We have too many good times in this barn to list! But, I can tell you that this barn is more of a family then any other team or, club I have ever been a part of."

"We do everything for the smiles and, laughter of our barn community. We host fun days for the kids to come to the barn and hang out." Those are her favorite moments.

Colleen went on, "We throw a Halloween party in October for the kids to mingle and, play. All of our shows that we host are meant for our barn community to have a great, fun, show experience."

They are good neighbors. "We love when other barn keepers attend our events and, proclaim, how much fun our shows are because, they are so, laid back and, meant for the kids."

"My personal favorite other keeper, Colleen Rudynski, was at my wedding held last August at our facility. More than half of the attendance was our barn family."

"They are a huge part of our lives and, one of the main reasons we do what we do." She inspires them.

"The other reason is me and my mom have an endless passion for horses." And it shows. The main barn is full with horse stalls.

"Side note on the boarding: More than half of the horses at our facility (30) are boarders horses."

"These horses are treated the same as if they were our own personal horses."

I asked if they have any future plans for expansion? Colleen said, "The business hasn't been expanded since, it was established."

"Other than, minor cosmetics."

"Plans are in the works to expand pastures, hay storage and, riding space though."

They have pastures for full day turnout, a large outdoor riding arena and a full insulated indoor riding arena. Tina is the barn manager, trainer, and care giver. She said, "There is always maintenance to keep up with and, things to improve."

Dad, Mike said, "Together, Tina, and Colleen, as well as other family members, work together to make the best experience possible for visitors, riders and, horses."

"Tina and, Colleen, both, love these horses dearly and, they have been in this business for 15 years."

Colleen went on, "The hardest part of managing this barn is when boarders have to leave."

"When they must say goodbye to a loved equine companion. It is part of the job, but something that never gets any easier."

She said, "We always look forward to new opportunities to share that passion with new horses and, their riders so, where one barn door closes, another, opens."

If you are interested in more information about "Creekside Equicenter" go to their website at:

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