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Casey's Carry Out Wins Walkerton Best Pizza Poll!

It's settled! "Casey's" located at 200 Roosevelt Rd. has beat out the competition. On September 4th we asked our Walkerton Facebook Group members in a new poll "Who makes the best pizza in the Walkerton area?" Between, 15 pizzeria's in the vicinity were included for the 144 poll respondents. "Casey's" won! They were liked most with 62+ hits. Liberty Lanes Pizza came in 2nd with 35+ likes.

Lou Zellers, Terra Elder, Robin Miller, and Bonnie Nowatzke are the crew behind "Casey's Carry Out" located at 200 Roosevelt on the old westside of Walkerton.

Casey's opened 12 years ago as a general store, restaurant, and gas station. They offer many products and services to the Walkerton community including 24/7 pizza carry-out, *delivery (Thursday - Sunday 4:30pm 'til 9pm), submarine sandwiches, burgers, buffalo wings, and breadsticks. They are located on the older west side of town on US 6.

You can thank the many reviews by customers who appreciate the good home cooking of Bonnie Nowatzke, Lou Zellers, Terra Elder, and Robin Miller. They serve it up for the busy, popular spot. When I spoke with Bonnie Nowatzke by phone I asked, "what are the favorite pizza's of Walkerton area customers?" She said, "The Casey's team sells a lot of Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza, Taco pizza, and Pepperoni pizza to Walkerton customers." She added, "they also, have Breakfast pizza, Meat Lovers pizza, and Supreme pizza." It is a really diverse menu with lots to check out!

Casey's has cookies, soft serve ice cream, refreshing cold soft drinks, and beverages, cheeseburgers, and donuts. They have plenty of candies, retail items, fuel, and car accessories. It definitely has filled in what was missing since, Welco's, burnt down on the east side of town. Be sure to check out the "Casey's" Meal Deal's starting at $17.99.

See their webpage at:

or you can call:

(574) 586-2927

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