• By Kirk Gaw

2nd Annual Walkerton Beer And Wine Festival Saturday October 5th

The 2nd annual Walkerton Parks Beer & Wine Festival will happen on Saturday, October 5th from 3pm 'til 7pm. They will be promoting local craft beers, wines, food, and music!

Wine and beer enthusiasts at Scarborough Park on Walkerton Trail at last years first "Walkerton Beer & Wine Fest." This year will be a destination for tasters too!

The popular event will take place at Scarborough Park on Walkerton Trail. Cost for the event is $20. Proceeds go for the Walkerton Parks Department as aid for future events, programs, and sports for the community.

Participants you can expect under tents are "Koontz Lake Brewery," "Evil Czech Brewery," "St. Julian Winery," "South Bend Brew Works," "Crooked Brewery," "Studebaker Brewing Company," and "Bare Hands Brewery." See EventBrite for tickets. Must be 21 to enter.

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