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September 29th Last Day At Oakwood Cafe

"Oakwood Cafe" on Liberty Street will be closing Sunday, September 29th due to an illness. Nick Asani is having health issues with his back. Well known in the area for their American fare menu, the Asani family of Walkerton strived to provide a place for people in the Walkerton community to meet up for a good time.

They really hit the mark at "Oakwood Cafe." It was the most popular sit down family style restaurant in town. The dishes meant to be high quality, family favorites, with just the right amount of Nick and Lirija's passion for the recipe's.

Now, is the time to enjoy the last days of the menu and friends there.

I asked Lirija herself about what is happening, "Nick my husband is not in good health he has been working for over 15 years in the kitchen and, now, the most 3 recent years here, at Oakwood Cafe."

"Working the kitchen has really taken a toll on his health. He is overly exhausted. Open to close for 3 years straight. We are very heartbroken to give up our restaurant but, I need my husband to get better first."

"Yes, a new owner will open I'm not sure exactly how long he will be closed for hes s local guy from Plymouth. We hope our community will continue to support him as much as they have supported us, if not more.

Lirija is unable to announce the details about the new owner until the deal is closed and, he makes his business there.

She said, "I see alot of people are speculating on what will happen once the new owner will legally take over. He will be in the building on October 1st. And he is trying to open as soon as possible."

She added, "We are open for business our normal hours until this Sunday, September 29th."

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